More on Gur-Chabad Conflict in Arad


YWN-Israel has made a number of attempts to speak with a representative of the city’s Gur community, seeking to present ‘the other side’. While efforts to date have been unsuccessful, a man identifying himself only as “Yitzchak, a spokesman for Gur in Arad” did speak on Sunday morning with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) host Razi Barkai. He refused to give a last name or any information that might lead to his identity.

A woman calling herself Sara also spoke, using the assumed name, telling the story reported from the Chabad perspective, as was released earlier by YWN-Israel. She explained she felt compelled to hide her true identity for fear of reprisal from Gerrer Chassidim.

Following is a synopsis of his remarks. Chabad is trying to take over. The shul was about to be closed up and Gerrer Chassidim were asked to come and strengthen shul. They even accepted the shul’s minhagim, and this was still during tenure of the late rav, Rav Lipsker z”l despite reports to the contrary.

The reports of violence and injuries by Gerrer Chassidim on this past shabbos are simply lies and fabrications. Chabad came in to create a provocation as has been their custom of late, to keep us out. Arad police, including the local commander, Yuval Paz, knows the real truth”.

Sara responded to Yitzchak’s statements “Hashem knows the truth and your baseless lies are simply that.”

Original YWN Story:

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Im shocked to see this on you’re site,i think that the crowed who uses Yeshiva World wants a loshen horah e.t.c.clean site,if were looking for plain unfiltered news sites we can find thousands on the world wide web. PLEASE keep our site clean. thanks

  2. Noch A Yid: this was not put up for/as loshon hara but rather to let us know whats going on in the yidish velt… if you would like to claim that this story is loshon hara…welcome to the world of “NEWS” websites and NEWSpapers!!! Its unfortunate!!!!

  3. Noch “O” Yid: News websites are not permitted to trangress the Torah law, You will never find stories like this in any heimishe newspaper be it Hamodia, Yated or Mispacha.
    If YWN will align itself with the other “unheimishe” newspapers that permit themselves to print loshan harah it will soon face consequences of losing its heimishe readership that dont want to transgress the Torah.

  4. SHAME ON YOU YWN!!! Bringing us the r’chilut of an ugly fight, of which you know very little about its background and sides.

    Maybe you would also like to snoop in on some people’s homes and bring us the gossip re: their shalom-bayit problems and family feuds. That would, no doubt, make for some titilating reading and mouth-watering comments to your posts. Unprecedented amount of hits! Given your standard toward gossip-mongering, I wouldn’t put it past you!

    So what sets you apart from other sites?!!

  5. Stripped of your pseudo frum-tinged hysteria, whatyou advocate, DaasTorahWtchdg, is for YWN to censor out news like this, and becoming for you a hoshkofa friendly Pravda.

  6. So many people are upset that you have this story on your site and it means nothing to you. I think all these people should boycott your sponsors maybe then you will notice that we don’t want this type of news.

  7. My parents lived in Arad for over 20 years. In all that time, under the respected Chabad leadership of Rav Lipsker Ztzl, there was never any emblance of machloikes between Ger and Chabad. Quite the opposite, Rav Lipsker and the handful of Chabad chasidim had the greatest respect for the Gerrer rov Rav Wolkowitz and the Gerrer chasidim in Arad. This whole issue is being overblown in the online website media. Any incidents are the result of rogue Chabad and a couple of young Gerrer who are upset at them. In no way does all this represent the general attitude of Chabad or Ger in Arad. For those of you who are thrilled to think that Ger and Chabad are at odds with each other, too bad, isn’t happening. Go look for machloikes in other areas.

  8. this is NOT lashon horah. It is objective and truthful reporting of an issue that is of interest and importance to yidden. Most of us hope that YWN will continue to bring us these kinds of stories we cannot find anywhere else and are presented with sensitivity and without sensationalism.

  9. This isn’t loshon hora. They are reporting what happened without taking sides. They are reporting what happened by interviews from both sides. That’s called keeping neutral.

  10. Theprof1 and all of the rest of you who are cluck clucking about loshon hara, etc…
    I live in Arad and can tell clearly and objectively that the chilul HaShem that is being perpetrated by the Gerrer Chassidim against Chabad is not just because of a few “rogue” Chabadnikim, etc. It is a deliberated terror campaign to drive Chabad out of the Central Synagogue and thereby out of town since it is the only viable shul that has room for our kehilla. Our Rav who is certainly no “rogue” found his tires slashed and two young teenage boys were beaten up by thugs from Chassidei d’Gur for distibuting a letter from N’shei Chabad to the women of Gur to try and make shalom. Reporting rishus gamur that is being done repeatedly over and over is not loshon hara. The Chofetz Chaim even says that to make public the actions of reshayim is a chiyuv.