Clinton Can’t Find President Bush’s Letter; NYT Editorial Slams Israel


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Yes, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham’s opinion is important, as is America’s support, but this support does not eliminate Israel’s raison d’être, to serve as the homeland of the Jewish People. This right is indeed G-d-given, and one who denies this truly hasn’t claim to the land, for the UN Resolution accepting the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948 is not something that can stand up to today’s mounting anti-Israel world opinion.

Clinton called last week’s embarrassment “insulting” and a “difficult situation”. The secretary, who has never been among Israel’s biggest fans, is using the announced construction in Ramat Shlomo to her fullest advantage, seeking to push Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu into a corner.

Netanyahu, who former Ariel Sharon confidant attorney Dov Weisglass [on Reshet Bet Israel Radio on Sunday] called “among the most politically astute Israelis, one who has a comprehensive understanding of Israel-US relations”, apologized and did what was expected of him and necessary to mend fences.

Nevertheless, the prime minister stated that Jerusalem was never included in the construction freeze and his administration’s plans to build are in line with all governments since 1967.

Likud MK Danny Danon points out that it is interesting however that Secretary Clinton, who is demanding total compliance with all agreements signed in the past between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority) seems to have difficulty finding the letter given to attorney Dov Weisglass by President George W. Bush committing the White House to accepting settlement blocs in Yehuda and Shomron.

The current US administration headed by President Barak Obama does not know exactly what letter Israel is referring to, opting to ignore the agreement of the former American administration for doing so better suits the current president and secretary of state, who are setting the pace for a less endearing relationship between Israel and the White House, preferring to build bridges with the PA and Syria.  

One of the more scathing media criticisms comes from Thomas Friedman, who position on Israel is well-known, entitling his New York Times “Driving Drunk in Jerusalem”, stating Vice President Biden should have gotten on Air Force 2 immediately and left, stating the vice president should have simply left a note stating “You think you can embarrass your only true ally in the world with no consequences?”

The affair surrounding the announced Ramat Shlomo construction is far from over and it seems the American administration plans to keep the fires burning for as long as possible, seeking as much political gain at Israel’s expense as possible.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)



  2. I don’t understand what all this apologizes are. We have all right to build and live in Jerushalaim.
    It’s about time we hear some apologizes from the other side.

  3. The real issue is that the Israel Palestinian conflict is Israelis and Palestinians business. The USA should have NEVER gotten involved in it. If they had seichel they would stay out of it. The US involvement will never lead to peace. Obama got his Nobel Peace Prize (biggest joke) let him now but our of the conflict. He is only making things worse.

  4. “…Israel’s raison d’être, to serve as the homeland of the Jewish People. This right is indeed G-d-given…”

    Israel is definitely given the short end of the stick, but that is rather obvious by now.

    Politics aside, however, where in the Torah is this “G-d-given right” to the State of Israel to the Land of Israel?

  5. The claim that Hilary “has never been among Israel’s biggest fans” is simply not true. Whatever else you want to say about her, she has always been considered by everyone to be among the most pro-Israel politicians in the Democratic party.
    Also, please – the Israelis humiliated the Americans. It was a stupid thing to do and they deserve to be called out for it. No one wants to change the relationship to Israel but there are rules of diplomacy followed by all civilized countries and this shattered them.

  6. 4, Now I understand what a local rov in my city means when he says the problem is that yiddin don’t believe EY should belong to the Yiddin.

  7. dmg

    was she pro israel when she was hugging and kissing arafat’s wife?

    care to explain how announcing you are going to expand an already established housing area humiliates the americans?

  8. Well I for one am glad that this “slap in the face” occured. Its a chutzpah beyond belief that a country that is our supposed “closest ally” would tell us where to build in our cities. Imagine the US telling England “we don’t want you building in London anymore” that would pretty much be the end of US and UK being allies…its unheard of. US Israel politics are pathetic. Israel is OWNED OWNED OWNED by America. People need to wake up and realize that in Americas eyes, Israel is only important as long as it behaves and does exactly what America wants of it. Israel exists to please America. It can’t make its own military decisions and now it can’t even make the simplest construction decisions without asking the USA first. Its like USA is the MOMMY and Israel is the BABY. P A T H E T I C.

  9. #1. BINGO!!!!! You got that right. And how about arab countries where Jews are not permitted at all? Arabs who are Israeli citizens have it better in Israel and anywhere else!!!!

  10. Go tell dubai that they can’t refuse to honor Israeli passports> Tell saudi arabia that Jews are aloud to go to Mecca. If you don’t do this biden, obama, and clinton you are a hipocrite

  11. bacci40,
    Kissing Arafat’s wife is one item on a long list. If you know her record, you know she is very pro-Israel. It humiliated the American because it came during a high-profile visit of the Vice-President who put his image on the line for Israel and he felt foolish when this came out and his whole trip was tainted by this. All they had to do was wait until he left.