EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & PHOTOS ADDED: Rioting Taking Place at Batei Warsaw – Yerushalayim [UPDATED 11:15PM EST]


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[VIDEO, PHOTOS & UPDATES BELOW] Rioting is taking place at this time in the Batei Warsaw in Yerushalayim. The violence began early Thursday afternoon. The loudspeakers called on people to come and take part and within a short time, several hundred people were on hand, some taking part in the violence and other observing. The scene is literally one of chaos and vandalism, random destruction of property.

From what YWN-Israel was able to learn, the violence surrounds the Biderman Kollel Hekdesh in the Batei Warsaw neighborhood. It appears as members of the elderly kollel are niftar, the hekdesh has brought in tenants that do not find favor in the eyes of the veteran Yerushalmi residents to put it mildly. The new residents are not receiving the apartments with ‘key money’ as is the norm, but simple rentals.

It should be pointed out that the elderly and veteran Yerushalmi residents are not out in the streets taking part in the indiscriminate violence. Some of the shouts include “murderer” and the sounds of what appears to be breaking windows can be heard. A number of MDA ambulances seem to have evacuated injured from the scene, and police Yassam tactical forces are on the scene, but seem to remaining outside the perimeter, apparently ordered not to get involved.

One resident who agreed to explain stated they are displeased with the newcomers and simply are requesting slots on the vaad to have a say regarding the future of the community. No one seems to know [or willing to tell] who is behind the violence taking place at this time.

UPDATE 4:05PM IL: Police eventually moved in and made four arrests. It appears the detainees may be charged with disorderly conduct. An undetermined number of people tried moving into, and perhaps in some cases were successful, in apartments which residents report are not theirs.

UPDATE 7:00PM IL: Yerushalayim askan Yossel Kroizer, a well know personality in the area was injured in the violence at Batei Warsaw, apparently in need of hospitalization but he has refused transport. He is remaining on the scene with his head bandaged. Large rocks have been thrown at one particular apartment, and violence is not abating.

At least five people have been injured in the mayhem, apparently from rocks thrown in the area. The area is shut down and all public transportation has been halted.

Police are preparing to forcibly enter the apartment in question. Five people were arrested and four have been released. The remaining detainee will most likely spend the night in jail and brought before a remand hearing on Friday morning.

It appears the young man in detention may be connected to earlier acts of violence in the capital.

According to some area residents, the scene in Meah Shearim is nothing less than a “chareidi intifada”.

UPDATE 11:15PM EST: Yitchok Russek / Kuvien Images was on the scene of the Hafganos, and YWN presents video footage and a large photo album to our readers exclusively. The images speak for themselves….. (Just as an interesting note, see the 20 second mark of the video where an officer suddenly walks over to a 13-year-old boy and kicks him in the back.)

YWN VIDEO LINK: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/video_viewer.php?clip=DCjdkaVV5lc&player=y

YWN PHOTO LINK: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/photos.php?albumid=5450118763595743745

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. #1 theres a reason for everything y must you be so negative YW has offered day after day news which keeps us updated if you have something negative take it somewhere else… MAY HASHEM BRING MESHAICH THIS MONTH OF NISAN AMEN!!!

  2. I was there as well. But I had the same problem as YWN: nobody could tell me what was exactly going on, or why people were picking on Gerrer chassidim for that matter.

    What had Gerrers to do with all this?

    – A Yid living close to batei Warsaw.

  3. To chulentlover: There IS indeed a reason for everything. A reason why it is either tov or ra, kodesh or chol, assur or mutar. Until any “reason” stops being a heter for writing and reading loshon ho’ra, how can you expect Moshiach to come?

  4. #1, the reason is because it has to do with JEWS in ISRAEL but other than that no reason. #3 your right this is not a yidishe way and I don’t know if your up to date with all the news but it seems to have been the ISRAELI way for a while.

  5. Ader:
    Whenever stories of Chareidi violence hit the news I always think of what Moshe Rabbeinu said to Dasan and Aviram “Rasha, Lamah Sakeh Reyecha?”

  6. Wow! Great! Now Moshiach can come. With all our brotherly help and love we are sure to bring him imminently. And the rock throwing?! guess it’s thrown in direction of kosel with the aim to rebuild it. So just keep on going this way it sure must be the right thing in your eyes.

  7. i think it is a sign from the one above saying and calling to his children ‘wake up i want to bring moshiach’ more than you want moshach so let us daven cry out to hakdosh-buruch-hu and let us be zoche to bring a korban pasach this year (i mean it with a full heart) and our goulos will end this nissan so that is why its posted here FOR A WAKE CALL



    And i got to say that the real violence was not from the police!
    The fight was between one group of charidim – the neighbors (plus friends/street kids) – vs – ‘the new residents’ (i think they where ‘gur chasidim’!

    The police came to evacuate the houses and most of the time were very calm, the Charidim (mostly kids!) where looking for trouble and the police had no choice….
    (remember it’s ‘Bein Hazmanim’ now and there are many bored avrichim/kids out there…)

    And before you attack me..i’m not saying that the cops were ‘טלית שכולה תכלת’…but neither were the residents

  9. I was in the area, and I tried to find out the story, I couldn’t figure it out. I would say 95% of the people had no idea what they were protesting against… now that is sad, very sad.
    it just comes to show how even for hafgnos for real things [shabbos chilul meisim etc.] most people are there for what they call “אקשן” in different words its amusing and fun…. sad.

  10. #16 you are totally right.
    Look at those bochurim….and then they have demands by shidduchim! No wonder…all they know how to do is fight!

  11. When i was younger i used to hear about brutal beatings the cops used to do to charaidim at hafgunus, i used to get so mad at the cops. now that i’m older and wiser i say the cops should break every last bone these trouble makers bodys,

  12. Reminds me of the National Geographic jungle videos…

    to 8: Yes, some jews have always made headlines this way, but we tell them now what the Chachomim said then, “הידים ידי עשיו”

  13. to the EDITOR,
    i am dismayed by your bias.
    You state see the officer kick the boy in the back.
    The video shows however it was a kick to the , and even that not a serious blow more like “get out of here”.
    ( it sounded like he kciked him in hte back while he was on the floor)
    Furthermore you ignore that one CLEARLY sees a young punk throwing metal bars! from that location.
    HOw embarrasing to be frum.

    Moderators Response: Bias? Let’s back up one line before the photo and video links and read the line together. Shall we? “the scene in Meah Shearim is nothing less than a “chareidi intifada“.”

    We would wish you a good Shabbos, but that would be embarrassing to you. So, just “enjoy your weekend”.

    PS: Use a spell-checker. Your an embarrassment.

  14. Wow. This hurts. To see jews fighting jews in the streets like mindless thugs. We are the am hanivchar -we are supposed to be better than this!

  15. This is sad. And, I don’t know what the issue is. To the editors: as someone who writes, edits, and proofreads, I’d love to see a clearer article on what the issues were that caused the rioting. Not all of us who are frum Yidden live in Me’ah Shearim, Boro Park, or similar communities. But what I saw and understood with my limited knowledge was indeed sad and not the way in which B’nei Torah should conduct themselves.