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Litzman Wins this Round Against Barzilai – Ministry DG Quits

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman is celebrating his victory, bringing the issue of the bones at the proposed site of the fortified emergency room of Barzilai Hospital to an end, at least this round.

The cabinet on Sunday voted to accept Litzman’s plan, to move the site to a nearby parking lot, a decision which he explains preserves the kedusha of the kevarim and permits the construction of the fortified hospital unit.

Opponents, including the hospital’s directorate, vow to fight the decision, claiming too much emphasis is being placed on “the dead while the pikuach nefesh issue for the living is being ignored”. They insist the new venue is unacceptable, too costly, and will delay the completion date by years. They also cite a number of logistical problems regarding the need to move patients from a distant fortified area to the main building during warfare.

Not everyone is pleased with the decision, and the director-general of the Health Ministry, Dr. Eitan Chai-Am, submitted his resignation in response to the change of venue of the new building.

Litzman in the coming weeks will be working with Atra Kadisha officials to make a final determination, if the bones are those of Jews or goyim. If nothing changes within a month, construction is set to begin on the new complex, at the new parking location.

In accordance to Litzman’s plan, the new building will be located about 400 meters from the main hospital complex, a project that will cost NIS 270 million.

It is not at all unlikely that opponents will bring the matter to the Supreme Court, seeking to overturn the cabinet decision.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. “CELEBRATING HIS VICTORY” this is one of the main problems in Israel and in compromises and conflict resolution. WHY CELEBRATE? how about discussing with your opponent that we will try our hardest to complete this job quickly, we will help to raise the funds since it will be more expensive and i understand your feelings yet bones must be preserved.
    WHY CELEBRATE????? Ha, Ha, we won and you LOST!!!!

  2. What a shame that the UTJ didn’t utter one word of protest about moving known Jewish graves out of Gaza. What speaks volumes here is that the askanim can word questions to the gedolim in a way that they will get the answers they want.

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