HaGaon HaRav Mazuz: The Cure That Doctors Are Hiding From Us


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1HaGaon HaRav Meir Mazuz Shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Kisei Rachamim during a weekly shiur spoke about cancer and R”L how many people are battling the illness today. Rav Mazuz explained that the cure for it is eating and drinking dates, water, carrots and pomegranates.

Rav Mazuz stated that doctors are hiding this from the community so additional patients come to them for chemotherapy.

The rav added “תמר – גימטריא מרפא סרטן”, that the gematria of the word date (tamar) is that of “cure cancer” and “truth be said, dates prevent cancer. There are four things that prevent the illness and they come to me each time, people with this problem and I tell them ‘eat these things which is so simple [to do]; dates, mineral water, carrot juice and pomegranates which have a combined siman of ‘tamgar’ (תמג”ר)

The rav explained one of his talmidim was diagnosed with the illness and a few months later, a doctor checked him and said “What did you do – tell me’ and he responded ‘I ate these things’.

The doctor responded “We do not tell others about this so they come to us for treatment and chemo but this is simpler for Hashem created medicines and all of us [have the ability to] heal”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I would urge anyone who believes HGHR Mazuz to follow his advice. It would reduce the number of Trump supporters. But I really cannot do that because advising someone to follow a course of behavior that is tantamount to killing him/her is, halachically, murder.

  2. Is this an allegation against every frum oncologist treating with chemo as well as an allegation against every Rav withholding this vital information from members of their kehillos?

  3. I think we must approach this sad matter thus: R. Mazuz is a talmid chacham, sincere and wholehearted, but it seems he is getting too old and his wisdom is failing, leading him to say and even believe things that he once knew better than to believe. We must remember that every זקן deserves respectful treatment, which in this case would include silently passing over any bizarre statements made.

  4. I dont know who this rov is and I will bet 99.999999999% of the YWN readership doesn’t know who he is either but suffice is to say, what was the point of this in YWN? It will only cause hundreds of comments about how rabbonim dont know what they are talking about.

    I have to say, I myself am sitting here in utter bewilderment as to what was said here but I have enough sense to realize there was probably something lost in the translation, and if there wasnt, THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN!

  5. I came across an interesting article from NewsRescue: A Secret Has Been Uncovered: Cancer Is Not A Disease But Business:
    The word called cancer is a lie…
    You might not believe this but cancer is not a disease; it is a business.
    Cancer has become widespread; it has affected the old, young, baby and everyone.
    Sharing this wonderful post will expose many of the hidden hands of the world’s manipulators and annoy them.
    Do you know that the book “World Without Cancer” has up till now been prevented from being translated into many world languages?

    I wonder what Rabbi Mazuz says about this article.

  6. I actually read a transcript of the whole shiur.
    To #2, the point was not an allegation against anyone. The point he was making was how amazing dates are (and later he said how amazing all the shivas haminim in eretz yisrael are). He then said that in his experience these four things have helped people who have come to him who have been diagnosed, so people should start with these things first. (He also said 2 cups of carrot juice a day). He also said that even some of the doctors know about this.
    He never said that every Rav and every doctor knows about this.
    To #1, Do you know anyone who tried this to know that it doesn’t work?

  7. I wonder how much malpractice insurance this fellow carries, or, plain old liability. Clearly he has the power of gematria behind him, and that’s more valuable than anything an empirical study can give us, or the yield from modern epidemiological works. How about just plain fraud insurance… although I’d love to meet the (even frum) insurance agent willing to write him a policy.

    Guessing he’s not a fan of vaccines, and would rather out bleeding pigeons in people’s chest, but that’s neither here nor there.

    I’m all for a healthy diet. But if one needs the medical arts, should one really be considering the gematria arts? Especially or certainly when life is at risk?

    Your mileage may vary.

  8. LISTEN UP GUYS: I dont know this rav personally , but how can anyone talk this way about anyone especially a talmid chacham??? The Gemarah says things about someone who sees “bizui talmid chachamim” and isnt “moiche”.
    How does YWN allow Comments like these? Who has the achrayus on their shoulders?
    Please please please disband comments like this…its very scary! Thank you WE NEED SHALOM AND HARMONY IN KLAL YISRAEL FOR MASHIACH TO COME!!!! #FORSIGHT

  9. How ironic it says in this weeks pasha “you shall not curse a leader amoung your people” WOW!!!! Very sad to talk like this against a talmid chuchum…….

  10. People in USA and all over the world are curing themselves with natural cancer cures. Their testimonies are on the internet, which most of us don’t see. The clinics for the highly documented, successful Gerson Cure (which includes carrot juice) and others are banned in America and must be located across the border in Mexico. There is a seven hour free CD from someone named Ty Bolinger who interviewed myriad doctors, naturalists, and survivors from USA who reveal their protocols and successes. Don’t be so smug and don’t believe the stats. Very few people survive the conventional “cut, poison, and burn” methods of oncologists. And even with remission, the disease usually returns with vengeance since the chemo, etc. has destroyed the body’s immune cells and ability to overcome the cancer, etc.

    Thank you Rav Mazuz. If only this knowledge can be spread in our country; send it to Rav Litzman and to Rav Feuer to inform them of wonderful alternatives.

  11. I know Harav mazuz personally he is the Rosh yeshivah of Kisseh Rahamim in israel. He is A Gadol Hador Posek hador his Seferaim are everywhere u go in the world. So Just bcs u never heard of him doesn’t mean u say stupid things!!!

    #4 I advise you u call and apologize to the rabbi himself and save ur self from trouble. And who ever said anything not proper about the rav u should call and apologize!!!

    Watch what’s comes out of our mouth and be careful with talmideh chahamim.

  12. #9, actually in the same shiur (like half an hour later) he was saying how advanced the medical world has gotten since the times of the Rishonim (and even though some of the Rishonim said not to rely on a doctor who says someone can’t fast on Yom Kippur, nowadays it is different).
    He then said how some people don’t take vaccines, but he says that you should take vaccines (vaccine in Hebrew is “chisun” which is gematria “hodu lashem ki tov”). : )
    What I picked up from following the shiur for a while is that R’ Mazuz almost never fully endorses or fully discredits anything or anyone (unless it is like kefirah). One week he will argue with a certian position of another Rav, but the next week he will go on praising how big of a talmid chacham he is. In this case it was medicine, that at one point he explains the problems and corruption involved, but later on (happened to be the same shiur) he explains how much it has advanced and what a bracha Hashem has given our generation.
    Over the course of time the Rav has made many enemies especially because our generation has developed a “your either with us or against us” mentality. R’ Mazuz doesn’t conduct himself that way. He just looks for truth.
    If anyone wants to hear the weekly shiur, they can on kisse rahamim’s website. They also send out transcripts of it every week called “Bait Ne’eman”. It is a very brilliant and entertaining shiur.
    So if anyone feels like they want to judge the Rav, they can get the information first hand before making judgments from two lines quoted on YWN.

  13. r’ razuz shlita has some of the biggest shoulders in the world with questions from all corners of the earth, if you are not aware of who he is or his stature then you dont have an understanding of the current gedolim but please don’t take some report out of context and disrespect the honor of the Torah and one of the gedolim and leaders of the generation

  14. Well # 10, I can tell you “Who has the achrayus on their shoulders?” It is Rav Mazuz. I wonder how many of those who so sincerely defend him here and rail about kovod harabbonim would take his advice over their doctor if chas v’shalom they received a terrible diagnosis?

  15. The scientists are now doing work with curcumin, an extract from turmeric which is a spice, as it does cure cancer.
    So wait till it is approved, and we should all have a refuach shelema, and Hashem CAN give a cure how and when He wants, so do not disparage certain things, but be cautious about the modern medicine as it is not perfect, and do not completely rely on other cures as it is all in Hashem’s hand. Anyhow Hashem said to go to a doctor.But the Rav is still correct.

  16. The scientists are now doing work with curcumin, an extract from turmeric which is a spice, as it does cure cancer.
    So wait till it is approved, and we should all have a refuach shelema, and Hashem CAN give a cure how and when He wants,

    It’s one thing to claim that there is some undiscovered cure out there. It’s another thing altogether to claim that there is a vast conspiracy and cover up in the medical profession that they know the cure but are withholding it from people so that they pay for chemo.

    Tell me, do doctors get cancer? Or members or their families or friends? And when they do, do they willingly agree to just die (or let their loved ones die) so as to not let the secret get out?

    The Wolf

  17. # 19 Wolfish,
    THERE ARE other cures, why do you think that medicine
    as we know it, has all the answers, it has not, just some of the answers.
    Doctors are not allowed to give alternative advice, that is the thing.

  18. I think we have to hear in what context Rav Mazuz was speaking. There are so many types of cancers and so many degrees of advancement.

    Is he talking about preventative medicine or getting rid of advanced life threatening cancer? or something else.

    Rav Mazuz is a respected talmid chacham and deserves respect and understanding.

  19. Rabbosai, I worked for an oncology testing company. We did a ton of tests trying to find natural solutions but couldn’t find any with statistically significant results. Do not buy into dangerous conspiracy theories. If you want to try holistic approaches, do this in tandem with standard medical practices.

    I cannot tell you the pain of seeing a patient give up standard medical treatments and try holistic solutions. The results are tragic.

    Speak to your doctor and your rav before making the decision to forgo clinically tested solutions. This is not as pashut as many make it seem.

  20. It appears from comments that possibly Rav Mazuz was misquoted, quoted out of context or something else. This article was actually ignorant and offensive !It is a terrible shame that this article was published and potentially many desperate, frightened and medically naive people may be injured, die or not receive the care they should have.

    I am a physician. I have dealt with many people with cancer. I have seen many cures and many cases of long remission with the help of amazing oncologists and surgeons. Three close friends have died probably because of delay of diagnosis because of pursuit of natural or alternative medicine.

    Most doctors work incredibly hard and oncologists have a very hard and often thankless job. The ones I have known are very compassionate, very bright, keep up with research based on results from thousands of people. Not 1 or 10 or 100.
    Not smoking , eating properly with lots of fruits and vegetables and very little sugar, small amounts of good fats and exercise all seem to prevent cancer but no body wants to hear that.
    No one has the magic bullet. Most people who say they have it are trying to sell you something. If they are selling something don’t believe them or their research! Health food stores are run to make a profit by good hearted people who know little about medicine and less about statistics and research. A cure of one is a miracle or a misdiagnosis but not something to risk your life on.

    Please feel free to forward this response to people who may have read this article. Urge people not to forward this article so more desperate people try “natural” measures to begin with which will allow their cancer to spread and kill them in many cases.
    It is possible that a doctor did say what was quoted but was probably being totally sarcastic.
    I expect better of YWN.

  21. So jchavaz I had to laugh when you say that health food stores are run to make a profit. The profits that the entire supplement industry earns pale in comparison to the hundreds of billions of dollars that the pharmaceutical companies earn from their patented drugs. They earn these “obcene” profits even if their drug is pulled from the market later on due to the “collateral damage” that it caused such as Vioxx and Celebrex.
    There are no patents and thus no huge profit motive for natural substances thus no drug company will invest the multi millions to test them.
    This may be one of the meanings of the the Gemara that says “Tov Shebirofim Begehinom”!

  22. What it really boils down to is eating healthy stuff to be well. The chemo paitients that drink pomegranate juice see a major difference in their blood level. I’m sure this Rabbi had seen results otherwise he wouldn’t just be making this up

  23. Amazing news guys. The Rav is human and can be wrong. And the poster who commented above to drink two cups of carrot juice is also wrong. Google how much carrot juice you can drink everyday before you get poisoned. Bad advice is the worse thing you can give someone as it could cost them their lives or all their money.

  24. Think of it this way, there are almost no institutions in the US that are not corrupt. The Drug industry is definitely not an exception.
    I know from insider knowledge that it is pretty corrupt.
    Consider one small fact, drugs in the US cost tens and hundreds of times more than the same drugs in other countries, even though they are produced in the US.
    Regarding natural remedies, I come from a family line of doctors, and have many friends that are doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. I noticed that many of them have almost no medication in their homes…
    In fact, I have bad heartburn, and for years was using Zantac 150, until recently I took some advice and tried chewing a little bit of ginger root, instead. The results were unbelievable, it worked as fast as Zantac, and just as well.
    I now keep some of it in my fridge all the time.
    Last point, Rabbi Mazuz is a Gadol hador, so please keep calm, when you disagree with him.
    P.s. having many people around me in the medical field, I hear all the time, and sometimes witness, how all forms of medical professionals from doctors, to PA, to pharmacists, to nurses mess up in any a d every way.
    With love