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Mom of Neturei Karta Suspect in Vandalism Against Terror Memorial Isn’t Remorseful

Mrs. Tzvia Turbolo, the mother of Alexander, one of the suspects arrested last week for destroying a Jerusalem memorial to victims of an 18 bus suicide bombing attack does not see a reason to apologize. She actually defends the act. She explained that a memorial statue is simply “idolatry” Kikar Shabbos reports.

YWN-Israel reported that a number of yidden affiliated with Neturei Karta were arrested after a police patrol spotted them destroying the memorial.

Speaking with Yediot Yerushalayim, Mrs. Turbolo stated she was aware he was in that area before shabbos was out, taking part in a protest against Egged, adding that on his way back, he was arrested, indicating perhaps he was not responsible but was with others who allegedly destroyed the memorial.

She stated that at the end of the day, she does not see the act as being “so terrible” to warrant an apology. She feels they were hoping to “open people’s eyes” by offending them, since “these things are against the Torah”.

When asked about the feelings of the families whose loved one’s perished in the suicide bombing attack, she explained “many things are bothersome in the state. We must realize the state is not a Torah observant entity and we must get people to understand there so they realize what should be”.

She was then asked regarding the tearing of Israeli flags in the area on cars and buildings ahead of Independence Day.

“If they are symbols of the state, why not? These are symbols of avoda zara but I am not a posek. If my child comes and tell me he tore a flag I will not say or do anything, even if we are talking about privately owned flags”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. This is another example of someone pretending to be “frum” when they are just wearing “frumkeit” as disguise.

  2. He obviously never received proper Chinuch and now we know that his mother probably did receive proper chinuch. To say that if he rips a private flag she wouldn’t say anything? What about gneiva of private property?
    Her son is a posheia and so is she.

  3. Again I believe the Eida is long overdue on educating their folowers on what’s right and what’s wrong al pi Halacha.
    Their whole community is like a flock without leadership.

  4. She claims not to be a posek but acts like she’d be holier than thou and holier than Moshe Rabbenu. She’s a siko who will never learn. As for THE vandals they should be locked up for good.

  5. just because something goes against your ideology that doesn’t give you the right to destroy it. If my non Jewish neighbor hangs up his holiday decorations, I can’t tear them down even if they offend me. Even if you live in Eretz HaKedosha, you don’t have a right to you whatever you want if you perceive it to be against Yiddishkeit. These people will just have to close their eyes to what bothers them and stop being so violent and aggressive.

  6. Once again, a member of a [supposedly] frum community shows absolutely NO comprehension of any of the following: Chillul HaShem; Causing Pain to others; …
    However, the real sadness here is that this apparently shows how this lady was EDUCATED… THIS is what she actually thinks… that a memorial to people killed by Rotzchim is “idolatry”… that there is no real problem causing pain to the relatives of the victims of that attck.
    And, OF COURSE the “rabbonim” will NOT condemn such actions!! There is no indication that these “Rabbinical Leaders” are being asked to “pre-judge” the accused. Rather, they should be prepared to condemn the ACT, itself… REGARDLESS of who did it…
    But, — of course — these “great teachers” are silent. No syllable of rebuke comes out of those Holy Lips…
    And, so, I will ask…
    Why should ANY person (who is not frum — or even who IS frum) take the pronouncesments of these Rabbinical Leaders seriously when — at the very least — these same Leaders refuse to condemn this sort of act?
    And, why should ANYONE ask about the tension between the Chareidim (whoever they are) and the secular public when you have thsse sort of episodes just feeding the flames….?

  7. Also, I would like to know where it says that you are supposed to “open people’s eyes by offending them”? do we have a brand new halacha of Hoche’ach To’Cheach??
    and, — pray tell — who is the Religious Authority that permits one to deliberately damage another’s property? Have these Great Sages (who can not bring themselves to condemn this vandalism ALSO issued a P’sak permitting one to damage another’s property?

  8. Do these “chacham shoteh”s realize that chareidim have also been killed and injured in these terrorist attacks.
    They are just ignorant fools.
    Ignorant not only of what is going on in the world,
    but just as ignorant of halacha.
    I’m sure that seeing the actions of these shoteem is sure to impress chilonim and make them want to become ba’alai teshuva!!!
    Where are the rabanim that lead this flock of wild animals?

  9. I hope that this article infuriates all the readers the way it did me. As a non-Chareidi, I clearly understand why so many Jews dispise the Chareidi world. Where are the leaders of the Chareidi world to openly come out against this type of action and against a mother who obviously is as ignorant as her son? Where are the Rebbeim and Roshei Yeshiva?

  10. #9 – If there is an orthodox rabbi, from modern to chassidish, who has not come out against the Neturei Karta, it is only because they do not consider them to be a serious movement worth responding to. They are a small, crazed group of people who have no halachic basis for what they do, and whose only apparent aim is to receive as much press coverage as possible by doing crazy things.

  11. Yeah, the safe Boro Park Jews driving their new Lexus cars are a hundred times more frum and yirat shamayim than this woman raised in poverty down the street from the Arab shuk who won’t put her faith in a chilloni government.

    Give me a break.

  12. ywn is one of the most respected claims on the net that ppl of all over read, so if I may suggest to the editors PLEASE never report this kind of thing. It’s non of a news item that is accepted or of interest to any one and by not giving this items a stand we will be helping to get reed of this diesis

  13. #16
    Driving a Lexus does not make you and more or less frum than any other Jew.
    Regardless of where this woman was raised, there is a serious screw loose in her head. If she hates the Israeli government so much, let her move to Amman or Cairo.

  14. #16 What does this attack on a memorial statue have to do with being raised in poverty or near Arabs?
    What does it have to do with not having faith in a Chiloni government?

    Just for the record I can’t afford any car, let alone a Lexus.

  15. #16 What are you trying to say, that because she has lost faith in the govt. she or her son have right sto damage property? In America more than half the country has lost faith in the goeir government, does this give the Americans the right to start breaking and stealing?

    Our heilege Torah does not diffrentiate… gneiva is gneiva!!!!

    Hopefully he regets what he did na dwill use the time to become closer to the Ribno shel Olam and then maybe he will be kinder to the people that Hashem has created.

  16. #16 – The point is not how frum this woman is compared to BP, the point is that she is 1) making a massive chillul Hashem, 2) dead wrong, and 3) possibly crazy.
    And don’t you think there’s just a little bit of a difference between not trusting the state and ripping down terror memorials?

  17. #6 A mother is not responsible for an adult child’s action– true after the fact. But where was she when she was imparting chinuch to him……………
    No more needs to be said!

  18. I’m an agudist who votes in israeli elections, so please read and consider my comment sensibly.
    Why is everyone so critical? What would you do if people walked around with signs and posters making fun of your father? You would probably say not to hurt people’s feelings, chilul hashem, and try to come out to them. HUH? Or would you rip down the signs and not care so much about the side affects!
    Don’t confuse me with the group going to Iran etc., but why does she not belong in Israel? Wasn’t Eretz Yisroel a Jewish place of living before it became Israel?
    If tzionus is a revolution against Hashem and his torah (see the zionist protocols of yesteryear), we have to look at these actions differently.

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