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11-Year-Old Israeli Driver Results in Kidnapping Fears

An 11-year-old boy appears to have taken the family car for a ride in the Mevaseret Tzion area on Sunday. The concerned parents never imagined their son would take the car, calling police and explaining they fear the vehicle was stolen with their son inside. The young driver was apprehended, but not before ramming the car into a sidewalk, but Baruch Hashem there were no injuries.

While the child admitted during questioning that he drove the car, police aren’t convinced, suspecting another person was actually driving.

When mom returned home from work on Sunday, she noticed the front door was unlocked and the keys to her Subaru were gone, along with her son. She immediately became suspicious, calling police. Roadblocks were set up in the area in the hope of tracking down the vehicle before it left the Mevaseret region. About 30 minutes later, one unit called in, that a Subaru was found with an 11-year-old boy inside.

Police report the vehicle passed at least a number of traffic circles and four intersections with traffic signals, one a major one, finding it hard to believe the 11-year-old navigated the terrain.

Friends of the family add the boy is quite short and small in size, and they too do not understand how he would have succeeded in driving the car.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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