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Reports: Suspect Seeks Advice from R’ Kanievsky in Holyland Case

The chareidi media is reporting that the chief suspect in the Holyland case, Meir Rabin, has consulted with his brothers, asking them to “make the rounds”, to consult with rabbonim – seeking direction as how to act during his interrogation. According to reports, to date, the former Chevron Yeshiva bachur has not cooperated with police, but he wishes to seek out the direction of rabbonim as how to act as the case proceeds.

Haaretz is quoted as reporting that Rabin’s brothers visited Maran HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, who told them he is not familiar with Holyland, the case or details, and as such, he is not giving advice. He wished Meir well. The reports indicate the same response was received from other rabbonim as well.

Rabin stands accused of negotiating, mediating and facilitating the Holyland project, and as such, he is allegedly at the eye of the storm of allegations of wrongdoing and illegal activities.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. #3- so far the “evidence” against the frum community is that businesses gave money to Tsadakah in order to improve the business’s public image – which is not only done everywhere, but is a good thing since business’s should feel a need to do good. The only thing disgraceful is the Israeli government (but since I don’t approve of them to begin with, I’m neither shocked nor surprised).

  2. IF YOUR CLEAN THE GOV ARE RESHAAIM. IF YOUR A GANEV YOUL SIT, see M’Shabbos 31a 1stn of six questions youl be asked as soon as you get to the B.D. shell maalah” wer you a crook” nasasa vnasata bemunah? if you wer ,into rehab they call it Gehenom. Its like a dry cleaner ,you get steamed, but you come lilly white and clean ,and than the second question etc ayin shom

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