Yesha Rights Activists Seeking Witnesses to Unprovoked Attack


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Orit Struck, who represents the Yesha civil rights organization, is looking for eyewitnesses to an event that occurred at Tapuach Junction in Shomron on Tuesday afternoon. Struck explains that an 18-year-old male was waiting for a ride when a car pulled up alongside and a number of men got out. They asked him for his identification, prompting him to question who they are and why they are asking for his ID. The youth explains they men began beating him and he was then shoved into the vehicle which drove off towards Ariel. They informed him they are policemen, and he was taken to the Ariel police station, where he reports he was beaten again after asking why he is being treated like this and why is he detained.

It appears he is not wanted for any alleged crimes, but he was taken in for not presenting his ID and faces charges including assaulting an officer. He is also being charged with carrying a knife, which he was, a Leatherman multi-tool knife.

Struck reports a number of vehicles and a bus passed by at Tapuach Jct as the incident took place, calling on anyone who can report seeing something to contact her at 052-566-6942.

Struck reports that her organization has succeeded in bringing some policemen to justice, both legally and filing a civil suit, citing this particular incident appears to be quite serious.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)