VIDEO: Protest Against Cholon Missionary Event on Shabbos


A conference attended by some 100 participants was hosted in a sports auditorium in the Kiryat Sharret neighborhood of Cholon on Shabbos, an event hosting representatives of J. Witnesses.

Protestors arrived at about 11:00am, after shabbos morning tefilos, and a sizable police force was on hand, preventing the frum protestors from entering the building to break up the multi-language event, which was held in Hebrew and Russian.

Police report that protestors hurled potatoes and rocks and a number of windows were broken. Participants in the event told the media the chareidi protestors shouted “Nazis” and “go back to Russia”, praising the response of police, permitting the missionary event to continue without interruption.

Authorities report that late on motzei shabbos, two firebombs were hurled at the auditorium resulting in property damage.

YWN VIDEO LINK: Click HERE for video furnished by one of the participants showing chareidi protestors.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)