Report: President Obama Rejects Israeli ‘Settlement Enterprise’


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According to a Ma’an news agency report, US President Barak Obama has sent a letter to the PA (Palestinian Authority) with envoy George Mitchell, a letter that states the White House remains opposed to Israel’s “settlement enterprise”. The existence of this letter is being confirmed by senior PA officials.

The Guardian carried a report stating the Americans had presented an offer to allow the UN to condemn any significant Israeli settlement activity. The US has historically used its veto to thwart international resolutions concerning Israel’s conduct.

Chief PLO negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat refused to disclose details of the letter, but said that the message “clarified the US stance on the peace process and Israel’s intransigence on the issue of settlements.”

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. no,charliehall, it does not continue previous policies. Obama’s policies and words are in stark contradiction to previous policy with its words, in its distancing from israel and in its nasty approach to the israeli government. Israel has no allies in the UN, except for the US. To intimate that the US will not support israel opens the door to global condemnation and isolation. Now, Obama is only the most recent “rosho” to be the jews nemesis but the American electorate (maybe not you, sadly)will punish him and the Almighty will protect us!