UPDATED: Volcanic Ash Heading to Israel


12:00PM IL: [UPDATE BELOW] Transportation Ministry officials on Monday will be meeting with officials of the Civil Aviations Authority and the Airport Authority to discuss meteorological reports predicting the volcanic ash that closed the skies of Europe is expected to arrive in Israel on Monday evening.

At present, it is unclear just how bad conditions may get and if the situation will compel the closure of Israel’s skies to commercial air traffic.

Meetings are expected to begin in about an hour, at 1:00pm local time.

UPDATE 4:37PM IL: Volcanic Ash Not Expected to Close Israeli Skies
Transportation Ministry officials are indicating that while the volcanic ash residue that closed European skies is expected to make its way to Israel by Monday evening, meteorological data indicates the same action may not be required here. Officials are hopeful that Israel’s airspace will remain open.

Following an emergency meeting of ministry officials, Civil Air Authority officials, Airport Authority directors and meteorological experts, it appears the cloud making its way from Cyprus will be visible but at present, it does not signal that it will be as severe as over Europe, where it compelled the cessation of air traffic.

Experts are monitoring the situation and at present, it is hopeful that the cloud will pass over Israel during the night without having a significant impact on air quality. Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz reports all relevant agencies are monitoring the situation and are standing by ready to act should the situation demand.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. When the original ash cloud was over Britain, all the American wiseacres said that the cloud was a punishment from HaShem for the UK government banning Israeli tourism advertising implying that Yerushalayim is part of Israel.

    Now that the cloud of ash has reached Israel, what will frumme Americans give as the divine cause, I wonder?

  2. #1: whoever said that about the ash over Britian didnt mean the mere fact that there was a cloud, they were reffering to the fact that they lost so much money (and tourists maybe) due to the halt in air travel. If the cloud doesnt effect Israel in any way then that reasoning can still stand ( not to say that I agree with it or agree with trying to figure out a reason all togethr…)

  3. You can say what you want, The Eibeshter has his cheshboinos which we will never know, even if you think of one, there are many more reasons and understanding to his Masterplan which is beyound our human comprehension.

    Hashem has taken a bit of ash which is virtually the onlt thing on earth that is totally useles and not possible to recycle or serve any purpose, and has blowna bit into the air and grounded the biggest Koichi Veoitzem Yodi of our generation – aeroplanes, and has brought mankind to a halt.
    Everyone has calle dthis an Act Of G-D.

    Hashem Echod!!!!!!!