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Chief Rabbinate Discusses New Kashrus Regulations

Chief Rabbinate of Israel kashrut officials convened on Monday to discuss a proposed law that would radically change the day-to-day operations of its kashrut supervision.

The rabbonim are discussing the establishment of a nationwide body that would appoint, supervise and pay rabbinate mashgichim. The situation today has a mashgiach receiving a salary from a restaurant or catering facility that he supervises, creating what many have cried for years is an untenable situation, one that demands dual loyalty from a mashgiach, the Rabbinate and its standards, and his employer on the other side, not wishing to endanger his livelihood.

Many critics have been calling for revamping the system for years, insisting the mashgichim are placed between a rock and a hard place and as a result, kashrut has been compromised.

MK (Bayit HaYehudi) Zevulun Orlev explains the proposed law will result in an administrative change that he hopes will lead to a real change in the field, an improved Rabbanut kashrut system.

Orlev feels that a mashgiach today is compelled to address a city rabbi, who may appoint him, as well as dealing with a restaurant owner who pays him, and the officials at a religious council, who oversee his actions and set the standards to which he must adhere. Orlev explains the new bill enjoys the support of MKs from chareidi, dati leumi and secular walks of life, explaining most want kashrut and moving this bill ahead will strengthen the Chief Rabbinate’s kashrut system.

The bill will also better define the role of the rabbonim and mashgichim, responsibilities and privileges, perhaps adding an air of transparency to the Chief Rabbinate kashrut network.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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