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Foreign Ministry Response to Security Council Sanctions

The following statement was released by the Foreign Minister in response to the United Nations Security Council decision to impose a fourth round of sanctions against Iran, Resolution 1929.

“Israel views UN Security Council Resolution 1929 as an important step in the efforts to get Iran to acquiesce to international demands: suspension of uranium enrichment, including enriching to 20%; cessation of construction of the facility in Qom; full cooperation with IAEA investigation into the military aspect of the nuclear program; and granting the agency full access [to the facility].

“This is the sixth resolution calling for Iran to suspend uranium enrichment and to cooperate with the IAEA. Iran is in blatant violation of all the resolutions that have been adopted to date, demonstrating its scorn for the international community and its institutions.

“It is of high importance to implement the resolution fully and immediately. At the same time, it should be recognized that this resolution is not sufficient in and of itself and should be accompanied by significant steps in additional international frameworks as well as on a national level. Only sanctions that focus on a variety of sectors in Iran are likely to influence Iran’s calculations.

“Broad, determined international action is needed in order to make clear to the Iranian regime the price tag for continuing to violate international demands. The combination of Iran’s extremist ideology together with nuclear weapons will have catastrophic consequences.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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