Yerushalayim: Bomb Scare on Shamgar


Bomb-Scare-Shamgar-003.jpg[For detailed photos, click HERE] At 5:02PM (Israeli time) today a suspicious object was reported near a bus stop on Shamgar street, outside the Tvnuva factory down the road from RavShefa. At 5:09PM police arrived on the scene and shut down the road and set up a safe zone. The bomb squad arrived and quickly deployed its remote robot, which investigated the package which was found to contain girls clothing. The street was open again without further incident. (Photo’s by Yehuda Boltshauser, story by YW Yerushalayim Correspondent)


  1. There is a cheifetz chashud 10 times a day in Yerushalayim. Is there a reason that this one is particularly newsworthy?

  2. Instead of using huge man & robot power to diffuse this bag of girls clothing, could the person who was holding the bag recheck when they get home if they have all their packages??? Cmon now, tremendous time and effort when maybe this could have been figured out by the individual who dropped or left behind the stuff.