Worshippers Plan Trip to Kever Yosef Hatzadik












According to INN, this coming Sunday, several groups are planning a visit to Kever Yosef Hatzadik, even though the IDF is adamantly refusing to grant permission for the trip. The trip is planned in honor of the 41st day of the Omer, a day traditionally associated with Yosef. The IDF claims that they have received many terrorist threats & are therefore not allowing the pilgrimage. Some groups say they are going to make the trip despite the IDF warning since they feel that the decision is a politically motivated one.


  1. Why is it a Mitzvah Habo Be’aveiro?

    If you’re thinking it violates dina d’malchusa, first of all the “malchusa” aspect is questionable. Second of all, if the dina discriminates against Jews, it may be violated.

  2. what a chaval that Jews need permission to go to a tzaddiks kever. It’s time to wake up Yidden and put in a government that will stand up to the arabs, America, & the world.

  3. Yosef HaTzadik’s kever, let us recall, was abandoned and the Zionists let one of their soldiers bleed to death for a few hours until they finally brought in a helicopter.

    I was in that area, many years ago, BTW. To get to the kever, you pass a sign that says in Arabic and English (not Hebrew) that the area you are entering is a PA development under their authority, etc.

    You then drive through very narrow streets with run-down buildings hovering above you on both sides, teeming with Arabs, both children and adults, some of whom are not happy to see you there. After driving deep into this neighborhood and up some steep hills, you eventually get there. When we went, the one Israeli in there (doing business – the one yellow license plate I saw the entire time there) told us that “you may have trouble with the kids (throwing rocks)”, so we turned around and drove back out before reaching the Kever.

    Note how many of these comments bring out a sickness of Zionism.

    # useamster Says: “what a chaval that Jews need permission to go to a tzaddiks kever. It’s time to wake up Yidden and put in a government that will stand up to the arabs, America, & the world.”

    What a chaval that we haven’t been zoche to already see the geula, that we need to watch what we are able to do in this galus.

    Do you seriously believe little puny Israel could stand up to America? Israel is surrounded by vultures ready to destroy it at a second’s notice, Hashem Yiracheim al Banav. Hashem runs the world, of course, but America’s abandonment of Israel would be catastrophic for Israel.

    And, as other posters said about requiring an IDF escort, this is another sickness. Should a Jew (or 10) have to risk his life so you can go visit a Kever? What happened to Vinishmartem MIOD Linafshoseichem and Sakanas Nifashos overriding everything?

    May we all be zoche to the geula shileima and techiyas hameisim, where we will (presumably) get to see Yosef Hatzadik, himself, not his kever.

  4. 41st day of the Omer is Yesod sheb’yesod. Without going into the full depth of the matter, Yesod (or Kedusha) is the mida of Yosef Hatzadik. The 41st day is a ‘double dose’ of yesod.

  5. Hakatan you confuse me Im not sure wich side your on
    however I can fill you in on the facts.

    In the past couple of years that Shchem has been out of yiddishe hands there have been 7-10 organized Knisot to kever yosef. I personaly have been to there for a couple of them.
    It is only in the past yaer and a half since the new minister that he did not alow anyone to enter. therefore all they want is a proper knissa to the

    Also it the IDF goes into shchem many times and this used to be a military exersise, FYI

  6. To Midwestener:
    It’s a good thing that you chose not to “go into the full depth of the matter” for even the little that you wrote is a mistake. Yesod shebyesod doesen’t mean a “double dose” of Yesod. Rather it means the middah of yesod within the middah of yesod (as the literal translation of these words indicate), & on this I will not elaborate.