Kassam hits Sderot Shul


kassam 3.jpgAt least three rockets landed in Sderot at around midnight Thursday, one of them hitting a Shul just minutes after the end of a Hachnosas Sefer Torah. A number of people were treated for shock and the building was damaged. 

Moti Shitrit, an eyewitness who lives near the Shul, told Ynet that about 300 people had gathered at the Shul for the celebration. Luckily, the event ended minutes before the rocket landed there and most people had left. A few people remained behind clean up the Shul.

“We were saved by luck. If people had not gone home, many would have been killed here. God rescued us,” he said.



  1. In my most humble opinion, This action of launching kassams into our homes is going unanswered. Would the US allow Mexico to lob missiles into Texas v’California? Would Great Britain allow the Faukland Islands to be taken over? Yet the arabs launch missiles into our homes, our shuls, and our guf neshamat.

  2. These people in Sderot are living off Nissim.
    B”h in all the thousands of kassams ‘only’ 9 people were r”l killed

  3. urmbase, and others:

    These missile attacks go unanswered because Zionism has always needed to further its agenda AT ANY COST. That means that, citizens/Jews be darned, the State will continue to live on, is the operating attitude, and has been that way since, at least, the 1930s.

    So, to answer your rhetorical question, I do not believe America would stand for La Raza or any other extremist group launching missiles in to California. But America, unlike Israel, is a “normal” country, that, certainly, in theory, puts a high priority on its citizens’ safety.

  4. Stan, what you posit is, in theory, true. In practice, it is the opposite.

    I will spare you (and the editors) a lengthy 7 paragraph answer.

    I don’t know of any “agenda” other than existing for its own sake, maybe. Read up on the history of Zionism during WW-II (Perfidy, by American Screenwriter (and Zionist) Ben Hecht is a good start). Read the writings of R’ Michoel Ber Weissmandl about how helpful the Zionists were (NOT) to his rescue efforts. I’ll stop there.

    As far as people leaving before the State disappears, remember “Baghdad Bob”? After Saddam had already lost Baghdad, he kept insisting to journalists that the invading forces were defeated. He stuck around even after the “shock-and-awe”, right? Iraq, under Saddam, was no more, well before he finally fled.

    In light of the above, what do you think their agenda is? I can’t figure it out.

  5. “Be a holy NATION in my holy LAND”
    The present generation has not fiqured out yet the importance of nationhood or the value of a gd given land. We got a long way to go!

  6. Moshe, while I respect your right to comment, I take issue with your reinterpretation of my own comments as a blatant insult against our religion.

    I was very clear that it is Zionism that exists to serve itself, and not Judaism. Zionists may be Jewish, but they act as Zionists, not Jews, in these (and, probably most other) regards such as taking lives for perceived possible political gain.

    Judaism permits the desecration of all but a few of its commandments if a life is at stake. Zionism, lihavdil, permits, and even encourages, the willful destruction of many lives if the State is threatened.

    I see a great difference between Judaism and, lihavdil, Zionism. One of the sicknesses of Zionism, which, based on your distortion of my comments, you seem to have acquired, is to insert Zionism into the religious and moral fabric of Judaism. Therefore, you don’t seem to see that difference, which is, I believe, why you distorted my comments as you did.

    As I’ve written above, twice, Zionism is clearly not a part of Judaism, even if its adherents and proponents may be nominally, or otherwise, Jewish.