HORROR: ZAKA Volunteers Find Pile Of About 15 More Bodies


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ZAKA volunteers working in the area of the bus incident have discovered a pile of about 15 bodies, one on top of another. This shocking and horrific sight would suggest that these people, who were on the bus, were trying to flee to safety from the fire and, with nowhere to escape to, embraced and perished.

Hezki Farkash, ZAKA Operations Commander, Northern Command: “4 ZAKA teams are working at the site. One larger team of ZAKA volunteers is scanning the mountain to collect the remains of the charred bodies of the people who tried to escape and were burned alive. Another team has completed its work, ensuring that all human remains are removed from the bus itself. The remaining ZAKA volunteers are assisting with the identification of the bodies.”

ZAKA team leader, Abraham Danziger: “The terrible smell of the charred bodies which is hanging in the air will remain with me for a long time. Some of the bodies are in a very bad condition and we are working hard to identify them.”

ZAKA volunteer, Dudi Rosenberg: “This is the most difficult and complex incident that we have ever had to deal with in the northern region. The volunteers recovered the bodies even as the fire continued to rage. I cannot find the words to describe the terrible sight of people who were burned alive as they were trying to escape.”

ZAKA team leader, Raphael Mant: “The awful scenes of tens of bodies lined up one next to the other, completely burnt, that reminds me of images from the Holocaust. It was extremely chilling.”

(YWN Israel Desk)


  1. BD”H For all of those who were niftar. Please daven that the matziv gets better. Anybody know of a cause? Is terrorism a possibility. Also keep davening for rain, it will help the matziv a lot.