Israel: Speed Cameras Approved For Operation By June


The Ministry of Public Security has obtained permits from Israel National Roads Company Ltd. to install the poles for high-speed cameras along Israel’s roads. The lack of permits was one of the reasons for the delay in the project.

The Ministry of Public Security believes that the first high-speed cameras will be installed within days, and that the 1-2 month pilot, which will issue warning tickets, will begin shortly afterwards. The speed cameras will begin operating and issuing real tickets in May or June.

Malam Team Ltd., the project contractor, has already built the project’s national command and control center at Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem. The control center will receive real-time information from the cameras.

The Ministry of Public Security estimates that the high-speed cameras will result in 300,000 tickets a year for speeding and running red lights. Sources inform ”Globes” that law firms that specialize in traffic tickets are considering hiring lawyers to deal with the expected surge in tickets, revoking of drivers’ licenses, and appeals once the cameras go into action.

(Source: Globes)


  1. In the US, there are no points becaue the cameras don’t know who is driving – therefore, there is no possibilty of “revoking a driver’s license”. Will it be different in Israel?

  2. Speeding is not the only cause of accidents. There are also drivers who go slow in the left lane, drive erratically, don’t signal, etc. I fear that the enforcement of those other types of unsafe driving will be neglected, and the only tickets will be given will be for speeding.