Rosh Yeshiva Who is A Hatzolah Member Saves Students Life


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hatzolah box.jpgThis past Tuesday, Rav Shmuel Ravinsky Shlita, who is the Rosh Yeshiva of Nachlas Yehuda, and a member of Hatzolah Israel, saved a Yeshiva Bochur’s life inside the Yeshiva building. Hatzolah Israel informed Yeshivaworld that the Bochur had suddenly passed out, and someone ran and called the Rosh Yeshiva. He quickly grabbed a defibrillator which had recently been donated to the Yeshiva, and proceeded to attempt resuscitation. Before his back-up from MDA arrived, he had successfully restarted his heart by delivering multiple shocks to the Yeshiva Bochur. He was then taken to the hospital, where he is Boruch Hashem in stable condition.


  1. A wonderful story! This is why Hatzoloh was founded. It’s nice to read a story with a happy ending. At least I hope it is happy. May he have a refuah shlaimah be’karov.

  2. We have been trying to get defibrillators distributed to every shul, school, yeshiva and have at least 1 trained individual on hand. This is the histadlus to SAVE oives.