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Terrorist Who Murdered Fogel Family Is Convicted

The Samaria District Military Court on Tuesday convicted Hakim Awad, 18, in the murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar five months ago.

Awad was also convicted in a series weapons-related and security offences. The trial of second defendant Amjad Awad is still ongoing separately as the two are testifying against each other.

Awad corrected the presiding judge several times as he read out the details of the indictment to which he confessed. The defendant noted that the Fogel children looked at him and Amjad through the house blinds, and not the other way around.

The judges eventually convicted Awad in five cases of murder after examining the evidence. The defendant’s attorney Raed Erda said that after receiving the evidence and in light of his client’s confession he had no choice but to plea a confession in court.

The court will discuss sentencing arguments in September and will hear testimonies from the Fogel family. The prosecution has mentioned in the past that it will not seek the death penalty.


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  1. Stupid not to seek death. the terrorists said that if they would have a chance to do it again they would do it even with the price of being caught. and now they will cost israel thousands
    of doolers to keep them locked up for life. (except if they will be free shortly in exchange for shalit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,)

  2. great no death sentence, which means that they will be released in 5-10 years and hailed as heros. Stupid justice system in israel.

  3. Why NOT the death penalty? Why show any rachmonus to these animals did they show rachmanus to those they murdered? He threatened his uncle that he will go kill more if he didn’t help him? Is he NOT deserving of the death penalty?

  4. A greater punishment than death, which they would perceive as dying a martyrs death, is to make them do things for the “Jewish”settlements. They wanted to prove a point that we have no right to be there, so let their entire existence publicly be l’maan helping the Jews and the settlements, and shame them in front of their people. They’ll never live that down. Than, afterwards, send them to the most horrific island with wild beasts and no food and let nature take it’s course. Now that would be an inkling of justice.

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