STAR-K Kashrus Hotline’s 10 Common Medicine and Cosmetic Questions


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stark.jpg1 . My prescription medicine is not listed in the guide, I guess I shouldn’t take it over Pesach?

NO! As the Guide clearly states prescription medicines under most circumstances MUST be taken unless permission is granted from the prescribing physician AND your RAV to abstain over Pesach. See page 96 in the guide for more details.

2. What could be wrong with mouthwash, toothpaste and liquid medicine?

LOTS! The sweeteners and alcohols could be grain based, moreover they could be non-kosher. See the consumer section of for more details on the year-round kashrus of liquid medication.

3. My vitamins are not listed do they fall under the same category as prescriptions addressed in question #1?

No. Vitamins in general do not have the same dispensations as medicines both for year-round and Pesach use. However we can often be lenient for someone who is ill or weak, consult your Rav if you feel you need to take vitamins on Pesach that are not listed.

4. My Rov said that I don’t need to be careful with Chometz in pills or makeup, is there any reason for me to buy the 2013 STAR-K/Kollel Los Angeles-Rav Gershon Bess Passover Guide to Medicine and Cosmetics?

YES! Even those who are not machmir on pills, hold that they must be concerned with liquid medicines, chewables, mouthwash and toothpaste, & lipstick.

5. The 2013 STAR-K Passover Guide with the Kollel Los Angeles Guide to Medicine and Cosmetics is not available in my town. What should I do?

No problem it is available for sale as a download. The file is available at it is allowed to be printed one time. To purchase the book in print go to

6. I have a medication that is not listed what should I do?

CALL the STAR-K Kashrus Hotline at 410-484-4110 or email us at [email protected] and we will help you!!

Last year we peaked at over 1300 calls a day before Pesach and everyone of our STAR-K family was taken care of!

7. What Mouthwash can I use?

This list is long but all Scopes are OK.

8. What toothpaste may I use?

Again there are many here is one that is easy-All Colgate is acceptable.

9. If I don’t sell real chometz, can I sell my makeup that contains chometz?

Yes, one who does not sell real chometz may sell makeup that contains real chometz.

10. Can I buy generic brands?

Since generic brands can have different ingredients, one needs to make sure that specific brand is in the guide.


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  1. pardon me for my am haarzis, but toothpaste which I believe nifsal from achelis kelf and is not eaten by people rather used to clean the gunk out from their teeth and then spit out, why does it need a heksher?

    We don’t eat it and any chometz, if any, is buttel before pesach?

    I would like a serious answer.