Meet the Hisachdus Kehilos HaChareidim Hechsher


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This new hechsher, which is up-and-running today, is the result of months and months of planning, the result of joint efforts by many of the Chassidic Courts in Israel.

The shechita was performed in Mishur Adumim, and the first chickens are expected to be seen in chareidi areas tomorrow, Wednesday, June 9th. The first shipment was sent to Laniado Hospital in Netanya, where patients and staff will be the first group enjoying the latest member of the Israel kashrus market.

YWN-ISRAEL announced the planned hechsher in November of last year.

At that time, is was reported that chassidic courts cooperating in the venture include Belz, Karlin, Slonim, Sanz, Erlau, Breslov and Seret Vishnitz.

(Jerusalem Kosher News –


  1. Is this hechsher meant to be in competition to Badatz and Rav Landau? Are there specifics that they are covering that the others do not? Is it a more financial feasible hechsher than the others? Give us some background info.

  2. If the hecksher is going to be on anything other than meat, it would have been nice to have a picture of their symbol as it will appear on products be exported to North America.

  3. I heard from someone involved and the same was reported atime ago in becahdrie chareidim, that all rabonim from all kehillas are welocome to be involved and request their chumras so that you are relying on all of these chusive rabonim.
    There are also rumors that Vizniz and gur will soon be involved and Rav Landau claims that if it workes out he will join too. So there will be 1 big relieable hechser.