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July 13, 2010

By Rabbi Sholem Fishbane

Kashrus Administrator of the Chicago Rabbinical Council

The following flavors of teas from Cooper Tea are being sold as a fountain drink in various stores including 7 Eleven. They are kosher and pareve under the certification of the Atlanta Vaad; Blackberry Unsweetened, Pomegranate Acai Black Tea, Sweet Tea, Tropical Green Teal, and Unsweetened Tea.

Cascadian Farms Organic Sherbet, all 4 flavors: Harvest Berry, Orange, Rainbow, and Wild Strawberry, under Blue Ribbon Kosher Supervision and bearing the Blue Ribbon Kosher symbol, contains dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the “D Stam” designation has been inadvertently omitted. The product is being withdrawn from the marketplace.

Pure Market Express raw food products are no longer under Blue Ribbon Kosher Supervision. Pure Market Express, (500 Chestnut St., Chaska, MN 55318) products are not to be considered kosher even when bearing the Blue Ribbon Kosher symbol. The company ships fresh and fresh frozen raw foods nationally, some of which may still display a Blue Ribbon Kosher on their product labels.

Please be advised that the OK does not certify any TASTI-D-LITE STORES. Only the powdered ice cream mix, in closed containers, is certified kosher, dairy by OK Kosher Certification.

Please note that Chop Touhy and Good Morgan Grill under the cRc have both closed for business. 

Please be advised that the 24 pack – 20 oz plastic bottles of SNAPPLE made by Snapple Beverage Corporation has been incorrectly labeled OK Pareve. Each 24 pack contains 3 flavors: Mango Madness and Kiwi Strawberry are kosher – OK certified and have the OK symbol on the label. Fruit Punch is not certified and NOT KOSHER. Labels are being corrected. The product may be returned to the store for a refund.

Orangeburg Pecan is not certified by the AKC (Atlanta Kashrus Commission). Any current certification letter is a forgery. Please notify the AKC office if you see this product.

Publix donuts sold from the kosher Publix bakery certified by the AKC (Atlanta Kashrus Commission) are always dairy. Some Publix donuts were recently mislabeled as pareve.

­­­­­The following is an update on Red Bull products: Original Red Bull, both regular and diet are accepted even without the KF Hashgacha on the label. Red Bull “Shots” are in the process of being certified but are presently not recommended until further notice. Red Bull Cola is not certified and not recommended.

Kashrus Updates from Israel:

Rabbi Shalom Elezra, the rav of Moshav Shachar and the Jerusalem Rabbinate report Yevulei Lachish has lost its hechsher. The company produces insect-free greens. The decision to revoke its kashrut resulted from kashrut infractions that were not corrected.As such, the products of this company may no longer be used in supervised locals.

Netivot Rabbinate officials report the company is bagging insect-free greens for the Yarok B’Midbar Company without authorization and duping the public. As such, the former lost its kashrut supervision. As a result, products of Yevulei HaNegev are no longer permitted for use in supervised establishments.

The Badatz Eida Chareidit reports Shin.Mem.Reish Salads (Rishon L’Tzion) has lost its hechsher as of May 5, 2010.

 Many have expressed concerns that fish fillets from non-kosher fish may be among the legitimate fish imported into Israel. This is why shoppers must make absolutely certain that a fish fillet is sold in a package bearing a legitimate valid kosher certificate since the item no longer displays any kosher simanim (signs).

One such complaint addressed a fish from the silurid family, which is not a kosher fish. Of late, a red tuna packaged in Vietnam has also been imported, bearing a Triangle K and claiming to have an import permit from the Chief Rabbinate. It is imported by M.D.G. Sea Fruit and this company also imports seafood, contributing to many falling prey to items they believe are kosher but in actuality, are not.As such, all items from the above-mention import firm are prohibited.

An inspection of the factory located in Kfar HaNagid reveals they were placing wrappers on Eleanor Candies claiming to have kosher supervision from Badatz Manchester, Badatz London, Agudat Yisrael, Vaad MK, and Rabbinate Matte Yehuda when the company does not any hechsher from the local Rabbinate.Any and all products from this company are to be returned forthwith.

Sheiris Yisrael reports all fish sold with its hechsher are free of concerns regarding worms even if the packaging does not specifically state this.

The same is true for the Eida Chareidit (as reported earlier) and Jerusalem Rabbinate regarding fish sold in Machane Yehuda, including live carp, which the rabbinate reports are inspected prior to being permitted for sale (as was reported earlier as well).

SUMMER ICE CREAM ALERT: Many ice cream stores/parlors display a sign attesting to the origin of the ice cream. (1) This is not a hechsher on the store, but the product, which one is expected to assume originates where specified in the document. (this too is not guaranteed without a hechsher but that’s your call as a consumer). Assuming this is true, one must still inquire as to the hechsher on toppings, frozen fruits, syrups, cones and so-forth.A store with an actual hechsher for the store is a different matter.

SHATNEZ ALERTS; A 100% wool, man’s Silvio Bresciani (Italy) suit, was tested and a linen collar reinforcement was found.

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