New Kosher Kvass, Beer for Russia


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Moscow, Russia – The Moscow Brewing Company Moskovskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya, a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, has been certified kosher by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. At the request of the company’s management, experts from the Kashrut Department of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia studied the production technology and ingredients used in the brewery’s kvass and beer.

In September 2008, the Moscow Brewing Company entered the Russian beverages market with goods of its own production. The Company owns the most modern brewery in Russia, located in the suburban town of Mytishchi.

The high degree of automation of production processes, quality control at all stages of production, world-class laboratory facilities and highly qualified specialists enable the company to produce world-class products.

The following products from this brewery have been recognized as kosher: Moskvas classic, Mospivo classic, Mospivo matured, Zhigulevskoye, Zhiguli Barnoe, Chervena Selka, Brzheznyak Light, Brzheznyak Dark, Mospivo Wheat, Mospivkom, and Coors Light. This development represents a notable expansion of kosher beverages on the domestic market.

(Source: FJC)