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News Briefs Following The Discovery Of Kidnapped Teens HYD [21:30 IL]


  • The three boys were murdered very shortly after entering the vehicle
  • The ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) was operating on the premise that they were killed early into the kidnapping.
  • The terrorists, who are still at large, are believed to be “amateurs” based on how the bodies were dumped in a haphazard fashion. The area where the bodies were dumped was marked by them too, likely to assist them in locating them later.
  • The mora d’asra of Elad stresses the achdus seen over the past 18 days must continue, and not just be a response to tragic events such as this one.
  • The IDF is continuing the manhunt for the terrorists.
  • The Security Cabinet is meeting to discuss possible responses based on IDF recommended scenarios.
  • Minister of Science (Yaakov Peri), who is not a member of the Security Cabinet, was invited to the session in his capacity as a former director of the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet). Analysts explain Peri serves as a balance to Bennett and other right-wing hawks on the Security Cabinet.
  • PA media agencies report the IDF is destroying the homes of the terrorists.  Channel 2 News reports these reports are false!
  • Meretz Chair Zahava Gal-On calls the murders of the boys a “war crime” that must be punished appropriately.
  • Hamas commanders are going underground in anticipation of an Israeli response.
  • Israeli media reports that Hamas is warning if Israel retaliates, it too will strike hard.
  • Minister (Bayit Yehudi) Uri Ariel calls for building additional yishuvim in addition to retaliating for the heinous cold blooded murders.
  • Knesset Speaker Edelstein: Israel must go to war against terror.
  • The Defense Ministry has officially recognized the murders of the boys as “acts of terror”.
  • President-Elect Rivlin: What we feared has come to pass.
  • Opposition leader Herzog: The long arm of the IDF will reach the murderers.

8 Responses

  1. Uf u leave alone we will kill u if you punish us we will kill you any other options. I vote that for starters we dont let any of this scum into israel let them earn their livelihoods in hamastan let them reap tge reward for their animalustic behavior

  2. It is now time to establish 3 large, highly populated moshavim in Yehudah and Shomron (the so-called “west bank”)-perhaps in the Gush Etzion-that have communities of achdus including Dati-leumi, chardalim, chareidim, and all ohers.
    One to be named: Gil-ad
    One to be named: Naftali
    One to be named: Ayal.


  3. As seen commented elsewhere: “If Israel gave 1027 live terrorists for a live soldier, it’s only right Israel should give them 3081 dead terrorists for the three murdered Israelis.”

  4. bahby,

    Use your grief for good things. I’m guessing Hashem’s motivation behind the boys’ murder was NOT so that we should awaken to the realization that Arabs are human animals.

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