Rockland – County Executive Candidate Demands Investigation over County Appointment


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On Monday, Suffern Mayor Dagan Lacorte demanded a state investigation into Vandergate, Rockland Executive Scott Vanderhoef’s outrageous attempt to install longtime political crony Sean Matthews as the county’s real property director so Matthews can remain on the public payroll for six years after Vanderhoef’s leaves office this December.

“All of the political insiders are silent on Vandergate,” Lacorte said, “Rockland’s government is broken, taxes are up 100% and not a word from the insiders about the wheeling and dealing on the taxpayer’s time.”

In his letter to Thomas Mattox, the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance whose department needed to approve Matthews appointment, Lacorte demanded all of the departments records on the Matthews appointment, which could be an attempt to secure “unwarranted privileges,” a violation of the Public Officers Law.

“The only way to fix Rockland’s broken government is to stop the insider trading between the county politicians,” Lacorte said, “It’s time for a change and for a new County Executive who will look out for the taxpayers, not the special interests.”

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