Ramapo: Fact Sheet: NYS Comptroller Furnished Misleading Information on Town Finances


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ramapoRamapo, NY – On Monday afternoon the Supervisor received a telephone call from the Office of the New York State Comptroller indicating that the Town of Ramapo was to be included on a list to be released the following day of municipalities currently in significant fiscal distress. When asked what formed the basis of this determination, he was advised that it resulted from a report called an “Annual Update Document” or “AUD” submitted by a town Finance Department employee in May suggesting certain fund deficits.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the AUD was submitted without Town Board review or authorization and without review and authorization by either the Director or Deputy Director of the Finance Department. The report is based on incomplete, unaudited and misleading information provided by a now suspended Finance Department employee facing disciplinary charges for attempting to falsify Town records of her paramour and lying under oath.

In an apparent attempt to embarrass the Town, she failed to disclose to the comptroller over $3.5 million in anticipated revenue. Her conduct was discovered too late to correct the Comptroller’s report.

When the Town’s certified audit is released shortly, it is expected to confirm the Town’s continued fiscal health as reflected by the Moody’s rating of A1 issued just two weeks ago. The Office of the Comptroller has indicated it will review and revise its determination of fiscal distress when the certified audit is completed.

(YWN Monsey Newsroom)