Photo Essay: Satmar Day Camp In Williamsburg (Photos by JDN)



  1. Dryidd
    maybe they are big into water conservation so they are bathing, doing laundry and letting the kids have fun at the same time.
    classic hippys! 🙂

  2. @DrYidd, I had the same incredulous reaction to the pics here!
    Is this the norm for Satmar chassidim not to wear bathing suits??! And if yes, what in the world is wrong for boys to splash around in bathing suits?? I’ve never seen this before……

  3. Forget the bathing suits. That I can understand. The Yidden didn’t go into the Yom Sof in bathing suits, so it must be assur.
    But what’s with the Meir Licht “Terrific Scientific Show”? This should NOT be allowed. Satmar children should not be exposed to science at such a tender age. What if they ask their Rebbe how does water turn into gas?

  4. BH the kinder are being learned the importance of tznyus at an yung age so that it will add kedisha to their lives for many years to come IY”H. Regarding “science”, I agree with Kshomron. Once goyish subjects are learned, its a slippery slope towards kefirah. RL I heard of a yid who went to college and got married to a “modernish” girl, and now doesnt wear a shtreymel even on shabbis.