Powerful. Spiritual. Effective. (Delicious.) The Secret of Baking – and Taking – Challah


“Challah bakes” have become so popular these days! More and more women have embraced the joys of challah baking – and “challah taking.” Taking challah is one of the mitzvos women enjoy most, and realizing the immense spiritual benefits it offers can transform a household chore into a transformative melding of ruchniyus and gashmiyus. Separating the sanctified challah portion while reciting blessings and personal prayers elevates a mundane chore to a sacred offering. Be uplifted through understanding the deep significance of this easy mitzvah.

ArtScroll’s Hafrashas Challah: The Mitzvah of Challah offers everything women need to know to enhance the experience of challah baking. It includes:

  • Inspirational stories and insights
  • Prayers and techinahs, in Hebrew and English, for hafrashas challah
  • Laws of the mitzvah of taking challah
  • Recipes, baking tips, and step-by-step illustrated braiding instructions
  • The symbolism and significance of each step in the baking process, with appropriate prayers
  • Foreword by Rabbi Warren Goldstein, founder of The Shabbos Project

To learn more, visit http://artscroll.com/Books/9781422619582.html