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Update on Suri’s Condition: Critical.

UPDATE: Thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Lazer Lazaroff and the financial department at MD Anderson worlds best cancer center, we just received notice that in appreciation of the communities efforts to raise the remaining funds required for Suri’s life-saving treatment, no more funds will be required and her treatment will proceed immediately.

In light of this exciting unexpected development, we now lowered the goal to $440,000 which will cover all other necessary expenses along Suri’s difficult journey.

By: L. Halevi

Suri, an only daughter to her parents, has been fighting the dreaded disease, a severe case of sarcoma, since her relapse in 2016, and the doctors in Israel have all but given up hope on her recovery.

Her parents were devastated by the news, and together with a dedicated group of Askanim have turned over the world to find the right doctors and the funding to give Suri the chance she deserved at living a normal life.

A campaign was launched, with the blessing and support of Rachmistrivka Rebbe shlita of Yerushalayim and many Rabbanim and Admorim, and indeed the Anderson’s Cancer Center in Texas was the right place to transport Suri for life-saving treatment. An experimental regimen of treatments was available which would be followed by a bone marrow transplant. The chances for success, according to the medical team, are very promising.

The price, of course, is steep.

$700,000 needed to be raised to enable Suri to take advantage of the medical treatment she needed, as well as for some unexpected medical issues that arose. After intense negotiations with the hospital by a devoted group of Yidden, the total fees for Suri’s treatment were knocked down to $500,000, provided it was paid up-front by a certain date.

That date is approaching very fast.

Indeed, the campaign was successful, as many remarkable Jews, from far and wide, most who did not know Suri personally, opened their hearts and contributed to the fund that was established to save Suri’s life.

Close to $400,000 was raised and the treatments have commenced. We are so close, yet we are still not at the finish line.

The final $100,000 must be raised in full in order to meet the deadline for payment, and allow for the treatments to go on, and for the procedures she had thus far to not be in vain.

Suri’s life hangs in the balance….a balance that must be raised and paid within the next few days!

Klal Yisroel! We need you! Suri needs you! During this important time of year, when all our lives hang in the balance, and we all beseech Hakadosh Baruch Hu to grant us life, is there a more perfect time or a more perfect Zechus for us all than to do our part to save the life of a fellow Jewish girl in need?

Save Suri! Merit health, life and success sin your own life!

Now is the time. Now is the need. Now is the opportunity!

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