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Heroic Children – Second Edition

The most celebrated contemporary book about the Holocaust has just been seriously overhauled and upgraded. The new edition – so far only available through web orders – has over 50 pages of explanatory end notes, an expanded Index, Bibliography, easy to follow Maps and two picture sections.

Interesting factoids about the First Edition:

Over 12,000 copies sold.

Adopted by dozens of yeshivos and schools (Jewish and public) as curriculum for the Holocaust.

Winner of The Ben Franklin Award and the Montaigne Medal.

Over 350 copies have been sold in Beaufort, South Carolina.

The US Marines assigns it to platoon leaders.

Translated into two languages.

Here’s why: Every once in a while there comes along a book that marks the literature on the subject as, “before” and “after.” Heroic Children is one of those groundbreaking books that has impacted like few others in Holocaust literature, appealing to every stripe of Jew and non-Jew.

Although there is no dearth of Holocaust literature, there are virtually no books that portray the plight of children, particularly told in their own voices. Through the riveting, and historically accurate tales of the nine children detailed in Heroic Children, the reader learns precisely what occurred during the Holocaust.

The book’s protagonists represent every type of Holocaust victim, stemming from every corner of Europe and from every type of background: economically, socially and religiously. What they all shared in common was an iron-like will to live – but not at all costs. Their ability to hold on to dignity, principles and universal values makes for riveting accounts of the zenith of human achievement.

The graphic accounts of degradation and horror, while incomprehensible to good people of all nationalities, are all true; every minute detail has been methodically researched, corroborated and sourced. Yet while Heroic Children is a study of horror, it is also a study of hope.

It is about the life and times of those heroic children … and it is also about the reader. About each of us, trying to make our way in an increasingly complex world.

Few of us will ever face struggles as monumental as what these nine youngsters endured under the reign of Hitler. But this doesn’t change the fact that today (or tomorrow) one may fin themselves overwhelmed by serious challenges, devastating setbacks, or periods of profound despair. The experiences of these children will serve as inspiration; for if they, of such tender years, were able to heal and flourish in the wake of unimaginable adversity, then surely we will be able to confront head-on whatever obstacles may appear … and summon the strength to triumph.

One of the remarkable aspects of Heroic Children is its uncanny ability to interest the non-interested. Teachers who have sought a method to convey the facts of
the Holocaust in a captivating way, and parents who searched for the means to portray the events their parents underwent are all reaching for Heroic Children.

National syndicated talk-radio host, Michael Medved, wrote about Heroic Children, “If you were to read just one book about the Holocaust, this riveting, intimate and unforgettable narrative should be the one!”

If there is someone you know that you wish to familiarize about the Holocaust it would be wise to present them with the book that can turn an ignoramus into a knowledgeable individual. It tells the story of over seven decades ago as if it happened yesterday and will change the reader in the process.

The summer is a time to catch up on reading; the Three Weeks is a time to reflect on those events that behoove our mourning. Leading up to the Three Weeks, Heroic Children is a book that you will cherish to have in your possession.

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