Paperific: A Supermarket That’s Like Family


“Going upstate “

Save on gas and tolls by buying groceries in Brooklyn with a Free Insulated box with your order “ and No picking/handling fee

Paperific started over 35 years ago.

Founded by Mr. Friedlander after seeing a sign for a store in Montreal, Quebec, Paperific was founded as a paper goods store.

At the time, paper goods were expensive, much more than they are today, and Mr. Friedlander found a way to lower their prices. Affordability is a cornerstone of the store’s value to this day.

As time went on, it became clear that people wanted nosh to go along with their paper goods – so the store began adding those, making it a perfect one-stop-shop for a Sholom Zochor or party.

This was unusual, stores back then usually stuck to one specialty “paper goods stores sold paper paper, and grocery stores sold groceries”. Paperific was combining two worlds, and it became known as “The Jewish Costco”.

The store later expanded to canned and dried goods, and, 15 years ago, added refrigeration and became a full-fledged supermarket, with meat, fish, and poultry offered for sale.

It still focuses on having a high-end selection of paper goods, including closeout items and collections that can’t be found in other stores. Paperific has a dedicated clientele who make a point of shopping there every holiday just for their extensive paper goods.

Paperific is all about the personalized experience. Pictured: a Kumzitz in the store.

Like any family business, the focus is first and foremost about providing a great experience. A beautiful store, genuine people committed to your satisfaction, and prices comparable to much bigger department stores, means ultimately everyone can find what their looking for: a hassle free, personable experience.

No schlepping, no waiting in line. That’s Paperific.


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