Woman Undergoes Unsuccessful Brain Surgery in Israel

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People around the world have watched on in horror as a time-sensitive and tragic story has unfolded before our eyes: The story of Israeli mother of five Miriam Borer.

Mrs. Borer was nearing the end of her pregnancy when she received the news: She had a brain tumor, and needed surgery immediately. Miraculously her child was born healthy and stable. The surgery she received in Israel, however, was unsuccessful.

Her husband, Mr. Simcha Borer, reportedly travelled to meet with renowned Rabbi and medical expert Rabbi Firer. Firer advised the couple to travel to John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore immediately. There Miriam could receive the care needed to save her life.

His recommendation, however, was met with a sense of dread. The cost of the surgery needed to save Mrs. Borer’s life is an astonishing $40,000.

While many would accept this as a death sentence, Mr. Borer has set out on a desperate and passionate mission to save his wife’s life. With 5 children at home, including a newborn under a month old, he is determined to do all that he can to bring their mother home.

In the meantime, a morbid price tag of $40,000 has been place on Mrs. Borer’s life. Surely, such a precious soul is worth more than money.

An emergency fundraising campaign contains futher details.