Ira Zlotowitz Launches a Site With Resources for Jewish Orlando Tourists


Two years ago, while visiting Orlando, Zlotowitz learned that the Torah community was about to lose their building due to intense financial strains. Shouldering the responsibility of this project, Zlotowitz spearheaded a crowdfunding campaign which was a huge success, raising over 1.8 million dollars in 45 days. With the help of G-d, it completely saved the building as well as the community. Since then, the community has been able to get back on its feet and hasn’t missed a payment.

This was a very moving experience for Zlotowitz, as he connected personally with the community. As a result, he felt the achrayus to share his knowledge with the world; creating a site so that all Jews, from all walks of life, could visit Orlando with the ability to become a part of and gain from the wonderful Jewish community that resides there. was built to be a centralized website with resources for EVERYTHING in Orlando. All the local shuls/organizations, minyanim, kosher restaurants, etc. are clearly displayed with their respective links so you can retrieve more information, if needed.

In addition, also provides a free service where you can call “Mr. Orlando” – a personal concierge – for any and every question about your visit to Disney central. Need to know if there are upcoming minyanim? Curious about what kosher food options there are in the area? Need a high chair for your child? Mr. Orlando is your man. “When visiting Orlando, you are not alone. The community is rich with chessed and resources which I would love to help connect you with!”

Call or text him at 727-755-4180 any time for whatever question(s) you have while on your visit.