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The Sign That Hangs By His Hospital Bed Will Make You Cry

As the heart monitor beeps and the nurses and doctors shuffle in an out of hallways, one ray of hope hangs above Mordechai Klein’s hospital bed at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. A picture of his family, 11 children, at a wedding. Printed across the smiling faces is the text:

“We are waiting for you at home.”

The poster is equal parts hopeful and tragic, considering the fact that Mordechai has spent the last two years suffering from stage 5 cancer. His wife, Devorah, has since quit her job as a sales clerk to take care of the children.


Miraculously, Mordechai has responded very positively to medication. His recovery, it seems, could be in the near future. However the family has been faced with two particularly difficult pieces of news: An infection caused by the cancer has now spread throughout Mordechai’s body, and they can longer afford to continue his medication.


With every penny having been spent on treatments thus far, and the children living off of “very, very little,” Devorah has been forced to ask for help. Their daughter is also engaged to be married next month, making the financial situation at hand even more painful.


Donations accepted via the Klein Family Emergency Fund will go directly toward saving Mordechai’s life by continuing his treatments. Any additional funds will then be freed up for Devorah and the children to afford basics such as food, clothing, and rent.


“There is no way to describe the suffering he has been through,” campaign text reads. “But those who have been touched by the disease will understand.”





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