KOF-K Thanks Public; Mislabeled Ice Cream Truck

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Thanks to the call of an alert member of the public, who had seen last week’s article on Yeshiva World, The Very Best Ice Cream Trucks, sporting an unauthorized KOF-K symbol was located in Washington Heights section of New York City and the unauthorized KOF-K symbol was removed

Yehuda Fryer, who had seen the article in Yeshiva World had also seen the ice cream truck and he did some investigative questioning. Yehuda obtained the information necessary to trace the owner and he then contacted Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum at the KOF-K with the telephone number of the distributor to the truck. The distributor helped get in touch with the truck owner who said he was so sorry for the mis-labeling and will remove it.  It was explained to the operator of the truck that using the KOF-K registered trademark without permission was illegal and misleading to the public. The operator was co-operative and removed the KOF-K symbols and the other kosher symbol that was on the truck as well.

Many thanks to Yehuda Fryer and to all the members of the community who assisted in bringing this matter to a quick and effective conclusion. The response we got from our article on Yeshiva World was amazing – we immediately got calls that people had seen the truck in the past, and would watch out for it.  The word spread throughout the community. Within a day and a half, we received the call with the information needed of the truck that allowed us to resolve the issue. It was wonderful to feel the concern and support of everyone.   Mi k’amcha Yisrael!

We are asking everybody to be watchful and proactive. Anytime you see something related to kashrus that just doesn’t seem to make sense, let the kashrus agency know. By alerting us to your concerns we can work together on addressing the issues and minimize the risk of the tzibbur inadvertently being over on the mitzvah of kashrus. Your vigilance plays an essential role in preventing violations whether they are matters of deliberate fraud or unintentional errors.

The KOF-K welcomes any concerns or questions.  Please feel free to call Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum at 201-837-1967 or email at [email protected]


  1. That’s it? Anyone can slap a kosher symbol on anything and just say he is “so sorry for the mis-labeling and will remove it” ?!? Like this was just an honest mistake?!