Rav Chaim Kanievsky Alters Busy Schedule To See New Machon Yerushalayim Chumash!


Household members relate:

“Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, Altered his Schedule to Peruse Machon Yerushalayim’s Otzar Meforshei HaTorah

The directors of the prominent publishing house, along with the editors of the new Otzar Meforshei HaTorah series, visited the home of HaRav Kanievsky and gave him the newly published volumes of this monumental series * While perusing the seforim, it was clear that Rav Chaim, shlita, was very pleased and he blessed all those present with a resounding thank you


By Tzvi Greenberg


The holy and structured schedule of the Sar HaTorah, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, is well known. Most of his day is dedicated to studying Torah, and receiving visitors who come to seek his brachos for yeshuos and advice on questions that they have. It is thus easy to imagine that any alteration in this very full schedule is only due to something very important; any aberration certainly draws attention.

It was therefore very exciting for the directors of the Machon Yerushalayim publishing house, along with its team of editing scholars and researchers, to visit the home of Harav Kanievsky bearing a gift: the volumes of the monumental work Otzar Meforshei HaTorah that were recently released, along with other newly published seforim.

Harav Kanievsky accepted the impressive set that contains a compilation of commentaries on Torah, presented clearly and concisely, on the entire Chumash Bereishis. Rav Chaim was clearly very pleased as he leafed through the pages of the sefer and examined the beautiful product that emerged after tremendous effort.

The Rav’s family even added that whenever the heads of Machon Yerushalayim bring Rav Chaim new seforim, he changes his schedule so that he has time to review the seforim over the next few days.

Indeed, this most recent series, Otzar Meforshei HaTorah, has literally graced the tables of kings—and it is brought down that kings refer to rabbanim. Torah scholars, rabbanim and laymen have purchased it so they can enjoy the many facets of Torah that it covers, with all commentaries all in one volume, in a clear and concise presentation. Just as an example of the scope of the project, the index of the seforim includes close to 1000 (!) commentaries and seforim on Torah that are covered by the Otzar, and which the explanations and commentaries are based on, for each and every passuk and almost every word in each parasha. The Otzar already consists of the entire Chumash Bereishis (two volumes) and Shemos (two volumes). The second volume of Shemos is hot off the press in time for the USA Annual Sales Event of Torah Book Month!

Dedications in Machon Yerushalayim seforim, are an excellent opportunity for the world to remember and give true respect to a loved one, that will be seen in shuls and batei midrashim in the entire world. Machon Yerushalayim has dedication opportunities in new important monumental series such as Otzar Meforshei HaTorah and Mishna Brura Ohr Hamizrach.  These seforim are learned by many thousands of Balei Batim and Bnei Torah worldwide and are in seforim shranks, on shtenders and study tables the world over! The learning in these seforim will be le’iluy nishmas or for the hatzlacha of all those that have dedicated it to a loved one.

Please note! The Annual Sales Event is in full swing. The excellent sale prices on Machon Yerushalayim seforim are only valid until 13 Teves, December 21.

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