Staten Island Jewish Community Launches Growth Initiative

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The Willowbrook community of Staten Island continues to attract young families to re-locate and join the growing community.


Comprising of representatives of the schools, Shuls, shops, Jewish Community Center, and other institutions, the mission of the Staten Island Growth Committee is to inspire new families to move to the neighborhood. 

Incentives include discounts on Shul memberships and tuition, and coupons to the local stores and JCC. The community has several shuls and schools to choose from, along with many different youth activities and programs. A website has recently been created by the committee to consolidate the various community resources in one clear place, highlighting the many conveniences the Staten Island Jewish community has to offer new families. 


“It’s an out-of-town community with in-town conveniences,” says Stacey Emmer, a long-time resident and a member of the community growth committee. “It’s a diverse, non-pretentious place with a lot of achdus, and it has a track record of raising very wholesome children in a warm environment.”

 A recent Gala Shabbos and Motzei Shabbos event was held in November and plans are underway to host several parlor meetings with young families.

To learn more about the Staten Island Jewish community or to schedule a visit to the community, visit