From Racing BMWs To Studying In Yeshiva


Born and bred in Aachen Germany, then know as Matthaus, today as Shlomo Yehuda.

As a youth his days were filled competing time laps in club sporting, and he was almost by the stage of obtaining the professionals FIA license, with his BMW 3 Series 2.5 liter finely tuned ’80’s model, weighing only 700 kg. he raced 100’s of laps around the prestigious Nuremberg Racing Track.

He was a member of the BMW Club & Sports Car Magazine Club.

Whilst partying with associates on a beautiful summers night – 24 July 2010 – at a festival in Duisburg, Germany, where many thousands of other youths attended, he began feeling uneasy and out of place, and decided to call it a night. As he exited out of the long entranceway (a disused train tunnel), he suddenly noticed the Police shutting the metals gates to the entrance due to the enormous crowds, hence blocking the masses waiting to enter but simultaneously refusing anybody to leave or escape.

Within literally 2 seconds of Shlomo Yehuda exiting out through those metal gates, a loud commotion erupts, spreading chaos and panic among fellow partygoers. Hundreds of people suddenly were rushing to the gates to exit but encountered burly policemen abruptly refusing.

The stampede that entailed killed 21 people & injured 80 others. That day is a black day in Duisburg history, which will be remembered for decades to come.

This incident triggered Shlomo Yehuda to recalculate his life, having been spared within a nick of time, and realizing that an inner feeling had urged him to escape in time.

Whilst visiting cousins in Germany, they took a stroll through the older part of the city.

Upon encountering the golden bricks purposely placed into the sidewalks, his curiosity took over, until his cousin explained how each golden brick is a remembrance of the Jewish Family that once lived at this address and was evicted together with the date of deportation.

These Golden Bricks set off the trigger on his path to Judaism. Today he has Golden Marriage, and is in the midst of building his own home with “Golden Bricks”.

Let us help him attain his own apartment, where he will achieve financial stability for many years to come.

Obviously being that he is a Ger, having no one to turn to in a time of need. WE ARE ALL HIS FAMILY!

See the full campaign to how you can build with “Golden Bricks”.