Crucial Final Hours of Historic Opportunity

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Crucial Final Hours of Historic Opportunity

At midnight tonight, it’s all over. Until then, we all still have the opportunity to join the “Save the Olam HaTorah” campaign – the emergency fund on behalf of the Ateres Shlomo Yeshiva network.

As of now, the campaign has seen tremendous success from the public. Yeshiva students and their families are doing everything possible to raise more and find donors to complete their personal goal. After all, this is a dramatic
campaign: either all or nothing. The $5 million that will be raised will be matched and become $10 million. If they raise only $4.9 million, Ateres Shlomo will not see a penny.

It should be noted that with a donation of over $400, names may be submitted for the personal blessing of Sar HaTorah Harav Chaim Kanivsky, shlita, for brachas and yeshuos. A dedicated call center was opened near his home, and
since then, the names have been transferred to the center, and from there they are transferred once every few hours for the brachos of Maran. Later in the day, in order not to disturb Maran’s night, the lists of names will be brought for his brachos later.

It is imperative for all to do their utmost to ensure this campaign doesn’tdo 2  fail, chas veshalom.

Thousands of bnei Torah and their families are waiting for the success of this historic campaign.