Foundations of Commercial Real Estate Course.

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PCS – Madison Direct Foundations of Commercial Real Estate
course starting in Monsey this Tuesday.

The real estate market presents an excellent opportunity for a thriving career, without formal education or prerequisites. While anyone can enter the real estate field, a clear understanding of real estate basics can go a long way towards one’s success. In an effort to assist our community members who are looking to go into real estate, Professional Career Services (PCS) joined with Madison Direct, the real estate network of Madison Commercial Real Estate services to host an open house in Monsy to introduce their upcoming 8 week course – “Foundations of Commercial Real Estate.” The classes to be covered in this course include a range of important subjects, from management and ownership to brokerage and financing, for residential and commercial properties. The many attendees at the open house were very enthusiastic about the opportunity to get involved in real estate. Others, already working in the real estate field in some capacity, were eager to increase their overall knowledge of the subject to give them the confidence to take the next steps up the ladder in the industry. With many of the attendees signing up for the course on the spot the class is almost full and the course will be getting started in Monsey on June 4th. Anyone still interested in signing up for the few remaining slots, or would like additional information about the course, should contact Barry Ort at 732-415-3341 or at [email protected]


  1. What a special effort
    Thank you
    When you are finished in the USA
    go round the world
    The ramifications are beyond our
    What a kiddush Hashem
    May the organization be blessed with
    all the blessings in the Torah