Move To Rochester – Don’t Take Our Word For It, Read Testimonials From New Rochester Families

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Baruch Hashem 30 new families have moved to Rochester since we began our marketing program back in the spring of 2015. Some of our new families have written about their experiences since moving to town. See excerpts from their reviews below. To see all of our testimonials in full visit

Chesky and Rivka Serebrowski – Moved from Monsey

We moved to Rochester from Monsey with our 2 kids and were not really sure what to expect. We were totally amazed by the community here, the warmth with which we were welcomed and the seamless transition into community. The new daycare TLC, is absolutely fabulous and we could not be happier with chinuch our children are receiving. The real estate prices are low, as is the cost of living, and there is an abundance of shiurim and programs that cater to both men and women of all backgrounds.

Yoni and Hindy Dahari – Moved from Monsey

“We made the move from Monsey to Rochester in summer 2016, and we are really happy with the community and with how warm the community is…. We believe Rochester is a great community to raise and grow our family.”

Dr. Avrohom and Alya Akkerman – Moved from Monsey

“The community is undergoing a growth spurt and we are happy to be a part of it. There is a lot to be said about added meaningfulness every family has here. It is very fulfilling…No review could truly encompass the experience of moving from “in-town” to “out-of-town”. Some people will probably find this an impossible move. Many, however, will find that this is just what they were missing. PS There is NO TRAFFIC HERE. Really!”

Rabbi Yitzi and Devorah Shulman – Moved from Westchester

“We have been amazed at the incredible warmth of the Rochester community! My wife and I have each made many new friends and feel that we have become a part of this wonderful community very quickly….Looking forward to greeting you here in Rochester!”

Dr. Yakov and Devora Scutaru – Moved from the Bronx

“Affordable housing, no traffic and great neighbors. At the same time, there are day schools, separate high schools, easily available kosher food (and shawarma!) and 4+ minyanim to choose from. We can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t move here.”

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