Jewish Radio by Phone. Call 712-432-4203 24/6 and listen to dozens of kosher music and torah stations.

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Finally – A new way to get all your kosher music, torah and entertainment. No internet required!

Imagine having access to dozens of kosher music stations, torah classes, shiurim and more. Now imagine accessing all of that without internet, smart phones or tablets. Perfect for long car trips, school breaks, long shabbos nights.

Introducing Jewish Radio by Phone. Call 712-432-4203 24/6 and have instant access to nearly two dozen kosher music and torah stations.

Just call 712-432-4203 and choose from the following options:

> For Chabad Jewish Music press 10
> For Chabad Torah classes press 11
> For Chazaq radio press press 12
> For Geula FM Press 13
> For Israel Radio One press 14
> For Jewish hits press 15
> For The Jewish Radio network press 16
> For The Jewish Music Stream press 17
> For Radio Hidabroot press 18
> For Radio Hidabroot Non Stop music press 19
> For Kol Brama Israel press 20
> For Kol Brama Lakewood press 21
> For Radio Kol Chai press 22
> For Kol Haneshama press 23
> For Scoop Radio press 24
> For Scoop Kids press 25
> For Scoop Talk press 26

If you’d like to have other music or torah streams added, just call and press 0 to leave a message. We’ll be sure to add it right away.

You can also access this service in the UK by dialing 033-33-66-0564 and in Israel by dialing 02-375-0347