Spending Succos in Yerushalyim: The Hammer Brothers can help you with all your Succah preparations!

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The Hammer Brothers of Yerushalayim have been building Succahs as brothers for over 15 years in New York and now Israel. They grew up in Woodmere N.Y. and have been assisting relatives, friends, and families for many years.

After Sholom & Benny moved to Eretz Yisrael, they received many questions from all over the United States, regarding all aspects of Succos.  People were asking, “Do you know where we can buy a Succah?, Do you know who can build me a Succah?, Do they have Rental Succahs?, Is there someone who can purchase for me a nice Succah and deliver it to my apartment ?” You name the question, we most likely received it. THE HAMMER BROTHERS DO IT ALL!

Benny Hammer is known in Yerushalayim as “The Handy Hammer”,he started his own company in Yerushalayim geared towards English Speakers who appreciate Top Quality and Customer Service. He worked in New York for many years and became a master plumber,electrician,and incredible handyman. He moved to Yerushalayim and is happy to accommodate everyone and anyone who is not looking for a headache and appreciates quality work.

Hammer Brothers offer everything from A-Z: Wooden Succahs, All sizes of Canvas, Pergolas, Hard Panels, Schach,Custom fit , All beams,Lighting, Assembly,Disassemble,and anything that you can think of that would enhance your Succah.

The Hammer Brothers work with a private top of the line wood distributor in Yerushalayim and work with the #1 Canvas Succah distributor in Israel. We offer top quality service. We are here to help anyone that needs anything figured out for them. 

The Hammer Brothers are here to help and assist you in every way, in order  to make sure you come to Yerushalyim for Succos in the most worry free, relaxing mood. Anyone who is looking for any Succos help, we are here to help you. 

Our main goal is to provide Quality Succahs, Excellent Service, Hassle Free, and 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Please Feel free to contact us with any Questions:

Benny “The Handy Hammer”:

Cell: 516-340-2104 or +972585086602 (Whattsapp)

Sholom Hammer:

Cell:  Cell:845-402-9089 or +972585508660(Whattsapp) 

Email: [email protected]

(Please remember: We live in Yerushalayim so there is a time difference, if you are calling in the middle of the night  leave a Whattsapp or Email if you would like the quickest response.)

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