A Bloody Arm and Leg

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Sometimes, letters just speak for themselves.  Like this email, received by Mosdos Kever Rachel’s gabbai tzedakah, Reb Yeedle:


Subject: Mazel Tov!

Reb Yeedle,

Baruch Hashem, after 17 years of waiting, we are making a bris on Monday exactly nine months after sponsoring a day at Kever Rachel.

I wanted to call you from the hospital after the birth, but unfortunately, my phone battery died.

Please call me.  I want to arrange tickets for you to fly in for the bris.  I would want you to be sandak, but my Rav said to give it to my father.  If you can come, I’d like you to say the brachos at the bris.

Please put me down to sponsor another day at Kever Rachel.

When you told me 9 months ago about sponsoring a day for $3,600, I told you then that it was costing me a bloody arm and leg.  I don’t know if you recall, but you answered me, “May Hashem help that this should bring blood to a body for you, with healthy arms and legs.”

I told you then that if I had a baby of my own within the year, I would sponsor another day at Kever Rachel, so please go ahead and charge my card now.

Reb Yeedle, where were you 16 years ago?!?!

Please publicize my story so people can get chizuk from it like the wonderful chizuk you always sent me.

I have no words to describe my thanks to Hashem for everything He’s done for me!



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