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You have seen the Faces of Project Inspire: the incredible impact on individuals of Project Inspire/Jinspire programs…whether online or in local communities, the recent Shabbat Retreat for 920 equally represented less affiliated and more observant Jews, the Project Inspire Convention, trips to Israel and much more. No matter your age or background, these opportunities have inspired you – and ignited your desire to reach many more of our dear Jewish brothers and sisters to connect meaningfully with fellow Jews.

A “Million 2 Inspire.” As 2019 ends, now is the opportunity to gain a tax deduction – and simultaneously expand Project Inspire’s array of programs, events and initiatives that unite Jews learning and sharing their Judaism together.

That’s why we invite you today to donate to Project Inspire.

Your donation will go directly to inspiring and enabling caring Jews to bring back the 90% of our brothers and sisters who are disconnected from our precious Jewish heritage.

When you donate to Project Inspire, you invest in events like the incredible Shabbat Retreat for the Body and Soul to bring together hundreds of diverse Jews to celebrate a life-changing Shabbos together…

Donate HERE now.

You invest in transformational trips to Israel, Poland, Kentucky, Ft. Myers and beyond that awaken the Jewish soul to a life of purpose…

You invest in the vision of Rav Noach Weinberg to familiarize all Jews with the wisdom of the Torah’s instructions for living…and increase the over 1,000 enrolled in our 1on1 Learning Program…

You make possible the innumerable Evenings of Wine and Wisdom, Challah Bakes, pre-Holiday gatherings and much more taking place in local homes harmoniously merging observant and less committed Jews…

If we expect today’s generation of Jews to be proud and embrace their roots… If we expect them to stand up to the wave of apathy sweeping our nation… If we expect them to pass along the eternal flame of Judaism to their children…

Someone needs to surround them with passionate men and women who can connect them to their heritage and transform the way they look at the world. That’s where you come in.

Mi K’amcha, Yisrael. These are the Jewish People. Now, more than ever, we need your help. Now, more than ever, the impact of your gift will ripple through generations.

Imagine: Men and women who have never felt the importance of Torah or a relationship with G-d will spend significant time with a fellow Jew delving into Jewish texts and Jewish thought. Some will focus on Jewish values and history. Some will focus on philosophy. All will focus on the words and meaning.

But it can’t happen without you.


Now is the time. Simply put: without your generosity, we cannot reach more people to connect them to their roots. Without your help, we cannot unite the Jewish people through a love of Torah learning and their fellow Jews.

There has never been a time when your financial support is more critical to Project Inspire and Jinspire than now. Please donate today.

This cause is so important that a group of generous donors has challenged us to raise $1,000,000 in just TWO DAYS to support Project Inspire. To help with that goal, they have agreed to QUADRUPLE each dollar you donate in 51 hours starting 7:00 PM after Shabbat, December 14th through 10:00 PM Monday, December 16th.

Chanukah – celebrating the victory of the eternal Jewish people over the powers of assimilation — is on the horizon. Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity that will enrich the lives of people throughout our holy nation. Please donate today and give another Jew the roadmap to living a meaningful life. We don’t have a second to lose.