Massive $1.5 MM Campaign launched in support of Reb Yeshayaleh’s Guest House in Kerestir.

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The campaign will run for 36 hours between yesterday and today Parshes VaYeshev (Dec 16-17).

The goal is to raise $1,500,000.00 which will be used to ensure that every guest that comes to Reb Yeshayaleh will leave satiated. 

A place for miracles. 

Thousands upon thousands of guest visit Kerestir every year in search of Yeshuas. The tiring journey is worth it because Reb Yeshayaleh works miracles every time. Everyone knows that when the going gets tough, you go to Reb Yeshayaleh. The thousands of Yeshuahs obtain by Reb Yeshayaleh speaks for itself. We are familiar with at least one story of miraculous salvation after a visit to Kerestir.  


Besides for being a miracle worker Reb Yeshayaleh was also known for his hachnuses orchim. Observers were always astounded at the constant dedication Reb Yeshayaleh showed his guests. He made sure that any guest who came to visit Kerestir should be well-rested and nourished.

Nowadays, Reb Yeshayaleh’s Guest House in Kerestir continues his holy legacy. Anyone that has already visited Rev Yeshayaleh’s Tzion in Kerestir knows the amazing service Reb Yeshayaleh’s Guest House provides. From the very beginning, Reb Yeshayaleh’s Guest House run by R’ Moshe Yosef Freidlander was literally the first place in Kerestir that a yid could get a cup of water to drink.

Today, a yid could get a cup of water — and so much more! Delicious three course meals get served every day. Comfortable sleep accommodations are provided for the weary. Everything from comprehensive group logistics to individually tailored arrangements, goes through Reb Yeshayaleh’s Guest House. 

Providing free room and board costs a significant amount of money. 

As the visitors coming to visit Kerestir keep on multiplying exponentially, the expense to provide for them keeps on rising as well. The need to expand and ensure that not a single person goes hungry, is paramount. When Reb Yeshayaleh’s yartzheit comes along the Guest House goes into overdrive. Thousands of portions, hundreds of beds, transportation, logistics, Mikveh and so much more. 

All these add up to exorbitant costs. Therefore, the emergency $1,500,000 campaign was launched so that we can continue the legacy of Reb Yeshayaleh.

Click HERE to donate.

Historic Raffle 

In an unprecedented move the administration of the Guest House has offered a unique opportunity. Every donation of $36 will be entered in a raffle with a chance to win an all-expenses paid Shabbos by the holy Tzion of Reb Yeshayaleh. One hundred winners will be chosen to join this uplifting Shabbos in Kerestir increasing the chances to win. Imagine an inspiring and heart-warming Shabbos, with airfare, food, accommodations, logistics all paid for. 

Reb Yeshayaleh’s promise. 

Reb Yeshayaleh always looked out for those who helped his efforts. Famously exclaiming that he would help anyone that helps him. This campaign will offer an opportunity for ever Yid to take part in this remarkable flow of yeshuas and miracles. 

To donate to the campaign please click HERE or call 844.537.3784