KIDDUSH HASHEM: Satmar Cheder Children Pay Last Respects To Miguel Douglas Rodriguez [VIDEO]


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The children of the Jersey City Satmar cheder participated in the funeral procession of Miguel Douglas Rodriguez, 49, who was killed in the JC grocery store last week along with Mindel Leah Ferencz HY”D, 33, and Moshe Hersh Deutsch HY”D, 24.

The children exited the cheder on Monday as the procession passed by on the Jersey City streets on the way to JFK airport, where Rodriguez’s body will be flown to his hometown of Guayaquil, Ecuador to be buried.

Rodriguez died a hero by saving Chaim Deutsch’s life at the expense of his own. Chaim and his cousin Moshe had entered the grocery store minutes before the shooters entered. Moshe was gunned down but Chaim was only wounded and managed to run to the back door where Rodriguez had preceded him. Despite the life-threatening situation, Rodriguez opened the door and allowed Chaim to go out before him. Seconds later, Rodriguez was gunned down.

Rodriguez left behind a wife and 11-year-old daughter, who was born to the couple after experiencing ten years of infertility.

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Rodriguez’s wife, Martha Friere Rodriguez, tearfully said earlier this week: “My husband was a good husband and a good father” adding that she has already forgiven the murderers and that she prays for the murderers and their families.

She also thanked the “Jewish community that learned how to love my husband and was there for him and embraced him.”

Rodriguez’s brother, William Rodrรญguez Barzola, told The New York Times that his brother worked as a financial manager for an insurance company in Ecuador but lost his job when the company closed down. He moved to New Jersey with his family but couldn’t find a similar job due to the language barrier. Instead, he found work at the kosher grocery store and worked there six days a week for over a year.

“My brother was an extraordinary man, kind, hardworking and always willing to serve others,” his sister Ketty Rodriguez told CNN.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m sure these same Satmar would be standing on ื™ื•ื ื”ื–ื›ืจื•ืŸ in respect of Jewish soldiers who gave their lives for their fellow Yidden. Or am I wrong.

  2. Kshomron,
    1. The solider wake up in the morning knowing that would be the day an enemy may kill them, this guy unpacked boxes for a living and helped save a Jew,
    2. The day a settler would come to Satmar for kuf Aleph Keslev is the day Satamr would stand on yom hazekron.

  3. commonsaychel

    You have no saychel at all. We are talking about a JEW who protects the Medina so your cult Rabbi can arrive in safety to distribute millions to his followers.
    Do us a favour live with the Black Jew haters and the rest of the choleras. Leave the Medina to the Jews.

    BTW when Hitler knocks on your door don t call use as no one will answer, there is no room here for you in OUR Medina for you people. Try Europe see how that works for you.

    BTW 2 There is no such thing as a Settler. The WHOLE land belongs to the Jews.

  4. I highly doubt that a Satmar Chassid would ever stand on Yom ha’Zikaron. But I imagine that most would mourn such soldiers’ deaths on Tisha b’Av.

  5. ‘A little sechel’ “Finally, good news about Satmars.”? I’m no Satmar Chosid, but you or yours was [fortunately] never hospitalized in the tri-state area [ nor needed any other kind of help]. Let’s be intellectually honest. Is it a coincidence that Hatzolah, shomrim, Bikkur Cholim etc. etc. etc. began in Williamsburg?
    A little known story: A Satmar woman entered a hospital room with a kosher meal for a patient who was a Lubavitch Chassid. He told her he can’t accept because he doesn’t eat ‘Satmar’ Hechsher (those old enough remember those days). An hour later she returned with a meal that was acceptable to him.

  6. @Allan
    Ok, but just wanna let you know that if ch”v Iran attacks Eretz Yisrael, you have an open door and you and every other jew are Wellcome into my Williamsburg Satmar home.
    P.S no need to convert to Stamar, you can stay with your “ื›ื™ืคื” ืกืจื•ื’ื”” and even leave your Israeli flag on it.
    And you also don’t need to wait until Iran attacks Israel ch”v, you are welcome anytime.
    G-OD bless all jews! LOVE YOU ALL!

  7. Whoah Allan let us calm down here. Let us all understand something here. We all believe in the Torah. If you can please find me a place where Hashem says that Yidden can fight on Offense without prophetic permission. It doesn’t. Yet the IDF does that all the time. And a Yid who does that is putting his life in sakanah shelo khalachah. Fighting on defense is muttar and khalacha. So instead of blowing some steam get retrospective and think about your shitos and make sure they shtim with REAL Daas Torah.

  8. RE: 8453568608
    You are being presumptuous assuming im a kippa sruga Jew . Error # 1. (Not that it makes a difference)., but as my son told me he’d rather die a Jew on Jewish land then a Jew on the Streets of NY. If Hashem wills it that we die by the hand of Iran in our land so be it . I’ll tell you a little secret #1, the Jew of Israel is not the one bending down on his knees waiting to be shot. If need be we will take down everyone with us.

    Secret # 2 . If Israel is wiped of the face of the earth C”VS, you guys don’t stand a chance . It”ll be Free for all when it comes to the Jews. Hey I believe it already started. Good luck to you. BTW we have more then enough freeloaders aka Satmars here.

  9. @My perspective. You sound like a good Jew. No reason you can’t fight with both (Torah & Gun) . Didn’t work for us too well 75 years ago with just Torah. You and me are not in a position to decide what is offence or defense. I’d like to know who feeds you the information as to how the IDF operates. Leave it to the Big boys to decide offense and defense.

    We can both daven but let the others fight and admire them for their courage and stop criticizing them.

    You have to do what you have to do to survive. PERIOD.

  10. โ€œI have no doubt that my son and his friend were beaten only because theyโ€™re Jews,โ€ the father of one of the boys told Mako. โ€œThere was no other reason [for the attack]. It was based on nationalistic motives and theyโ€™re lucky theyโ€™re still alive. I hope that the police will arrest them and punish them with the fullest severity of the law.โ€
    This happened in Be’er Sheva, not in Europe. Wake up!

  11. @My Perspective
    No argument re your halachik statement of Offensive vs. Defensive military action. However, when it comes to Eretz Yisroel and the more than 6 million Jews living there, it is about as clear as mud, what is a defensive military act and what is an offensive one. Are the actions of the IDF so black and white to you?

  12. MY PERSPECTIVE, educate yourself. For the sake of everyone here, crack a book.
    “If you can please find me a place where Hashem says that Yidden can fight on Offense without prophetic permission. It doesnโ€™t. Yet the IDF does that all the time.”
    The Israeli army (tactically speaking) is the world’s most moral army. Their strategic, precise, and pinpointed strikes are a defensive measure. What “offense” are you referring to? And dont tell me we played “offense” against the Brits. Learn about the violence and confrontations of the arabs during the British Mandate of Palestine. Learn about the Wailing Wall Riots. Learn about the Arab revolt of 1936.
    Show some respect.
    And read a book.

  13. RE: Allan
    “You are being presumptuous assuming I’m a kippa sruga Jew”
    regarding the point I made, it does not make any difference if you are actually a Kippa Sruga jew.

    “heโ€™d rather die a Jew on Jewish land then a Jew on the Streets of NY”
    Okay, I get you, as I understand that you have no issue with Zionism, I can understand where you are coming from, but I would be happy to see that you can at least understand where I am coming from. in my view, as I am Satmar, and my Rebbie’s shita was that it is forbidden for Jews to have a medina in gulas.

    “BTW we have more than enough freeloaders aka Satmars”
    again and again with the same lie! Bikur Cholim, Hatzalah, Shomrim, RCCS, etc, etc, etc, etc, ALL stared in SATMAR!
    BTW, I probably pay more in Taxes then most readers of this site…