Final Moments: Submit your friend’s name right now for free through Yad L’Achim @Baba Sali

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Today is the hilulah of the great tzadik the BABA SALI, RAV YISRAEL ABUCHATZEIRA זצ”ל.

Hundreds of thousands of Yidden are travelling across Eretz Yisrael and across the globe to daven at his kever. There are so many visitors that the city only allows buses to come and go to the site.

Even if you cannot make it in person, you can now submit  your names for the tefillah at the kever in Netivot by submitting your names via Yad L’Achim. Always free. Click here to submit your name now.

Feel free to share this opportunity with friends and family.
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Talmidei chachamim, including grandsons of Baba Sali will daven at his kever on the day of his yahrtzeit for you and your loved ones for


CLICK HERE to submit your names now


Please submit unlimited names for tefillah for free by visiting

The Baba Sali zt”l was very close to Yad L’Achim and encouraged us in our work every step of the way. Shortly before his passing, he penned a letter of great inspiration, encouraging Klal Yisrael to support Yad L’Achim. He included a bracha (blessing) to all who support Yad L’Achim:

“הנה בא לפני גודל המעשים של ארגון יד לאחים. . וה’ הטוב יביא ברכת טוב על כל המחזיקים ידם”

“… and Hashem, who is kind, will bring good blessings to all who support their (Yad L’Achim’s) hand”

join by CLICKING HERE or on the image below, visit or call us at 1-866-923-5224

Click here to join the tefillah at Baba Sali's hilula